My happy little life

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have”

I’m very much of the mind set that if you wait for a miracle to change your life, you will be waiting the rest of your life. Now I’m not saying the big things don’t matter but they are few and far between and imagine if you could get that happy warm feeling everyday. I do everyday because I’m all about celebrating the small things every single day, even if it’s dancing around my kitchen when my favourite song comes on the radio or a nice cup of tea while reading. Here are some of the wonderful moments that make me happy and thankful for my life. So next time you get some good news or have a little luck do a little dance, giggle or just take a couple of minutes to reflect.

P2015Sep29-1443547970523.jpgLay ins make me happy, very happy indeed. Specially when it’s cold and dark outside, that extra hour in bed when you can snuggle down deep into your warm duvet, if you are very lucky someone will bring you a warm cup of tea.

Autumn is by far my favourite season there is something so magical about the changing of the leaves and the way the light becomes golden. Not to mention once the first leaves start changing I know that all my favourite holidays are just around the corner starting with Halloween and my inner Martha Stewart comes out ready to make lots of lovely home decorations and food.

Cute animals, who doesn’t get that warm fuzzy feeling when they see cute little animals.

Fresh local produce, I’m such a big fan of the old saying “you are what you eat” when you eat good you feel better. Don’t get me wrong I could eat so much better but im all about balance and listening to your body, what works for one person won’t necessarily work for the next but I know if I’ve had a few naughty treats I need to have twice as many healthy treats. Luckily for me I love fruit and vegetables specially berries.

P2015Sep26-1443300834123.jpgI’ve never had a pet before Dave and I feel like I’ve been missing out, Dave is my best friend and the cutest thing ever. There is never a sad face when he is around and although a border collie is a lot of work I would never ever change him. He has such unconditional love and such a beautiful nature, and that face I could just eat him all up. Whenever I cry he jumps on me ( he thinks he’s the size of a rabbit ) and licks my face like crazy until I’m laughing uncontrollably. First thing in the morning he needs to sit like a person, upright on his bum and watch the morning news. He waits ever hopeful that I will eventually drop some cake and he always protects me.

P2015Sep29-1443547463502.jpgBeautiful sunrises and sunsets always makes me think of the old additive ” God must be a painter, why else would we have so many colours” and in those seconds when I see so much beauty I forget everything that’s happening in my life and I’m fixated on not missing a single colour.

Growing my own fruit and vegetable, I find gardening relaxing and am always amazed that I made something and something tasty, when I see my strawberries I want to kiss each and every one of them.

The ocean clears my head in a way nothing else does, for in those minutes of standing in silence just staring I realise just how small I am, what a small piece in the world I am and how anything I’m going through is so small. It’s extremely humbling to be reminded of that.

Breathtakingly beautiful scenery and views, just because prettiest makes me happy.

P2015Sep26-1443299256919.jpgCake is a major food group, right? Well it should be! The amount of cake that is eaten in our home is absolutely outrageous but it’s such a happy food. Luckily I bake about 80% of them so I can control what goes it them, also baking is hugely relaxing and rewarding for me.

P2015Sep29-1443559256219.jpgI am absolutely happiest when I’m within nature, I’m lucky enough to live within driving distance of four forests, which is just perfect for me and Dave. Forests change every single day and offer so much peaceful time.

Horse riding is something that is very close to my heart, I always wanted lessons when I was a child but couldn’t have them so when I got my first job horse riding lessons were more important then driving lessons. And it’s a fun way of exercising and getting close to nature.

Flowers, I’m such a sucker for flowers whether they are around my home or just growing at the side of the road, I mean what’s not to like, they come in pretty colours, they smell nice and they are good for bees. Luckily I have a wonderful boyfriend who knows how happy flowers makes me and feeds my habit.

The beach makes me happy, I don’t really sunbath but I do enjoy playing sports on the beach. There’s something wonderful about being able to walk barefoot on the sand.

P2015Sep29-1443557638217.jpgArt is such a wonderful way to express yourself, whether you create it or just admire it. There is art for every mood ever expressed by a human being and can greatly influence your mood.

P2015Sep29-1443558997495.jpgSince turning 30 my attitude towards my body has completely changed, whereas in my 20s I was more focused on what it looked like. I’m now focused on what my body can do and pushing it to new limits. I’ve found that working out has just as much of an impact on my mind as it does my body and no matter how tired I am or how much I want to skip a work out, once I’ve done it I feel strong and incredible.

So I know this one is a little strange but cemeteries make me happy, not in a weird psychopath way but more in a peaceful way. Cemeteries are usually pretty and are full of history. I recently visited highgate cemetery in London and it was so interesting I already want to go back.

Jamie spends a lot of time away fishing and if we want to spend time together or need each other it’s usually at the side of a lake.

I’m like a five year old when it’s comes to my footwear, despite a shamefully large number of heels I’m obsessed with wearing my wellington boots ALL the time. I don’t know what it is about them but it’s gotten so bad now that I’m wearing them to all the wrong places and people have started staring. But they make me so happy and I can jump into puddles.

P2015Sep29-1443557918470.jpg“Books are a uniquely portable magic”

Reading is such a wonderful way to live a hundred different lives without leaving the comfort of your favourite chair.
P2015Sep26-1443280066861.jpgI think when it comes to quotes we have all been scrolling through social media or just browsing the internet and found a quote that matches your situation at that exact moment and there’s a peace in that, it’s something we can relate to in the way we relate to song lyrics. I try everyday to find one that reminds me of how special I am and how I can handle anything life throws at me that day.

P2015Sep29-1443558244850.jpgAs you get older your friend circles tend to shrink yet become much stronger, the people I consider my friends have been there through everything with me, they got drunk with me after heartbreaks, feed me, laughed and cried with me. They are amazing and I wouldn’t change a single thing about any of them.

Being a big kid is a wonderful way to spend a day, my favourite way to act like a child is to take a trip to a theme park or local funfair. Although I do tend to buy anything that lights up or makes noise not to mention that as soon as I get to a fair I want to eat everything in sight.

Getting my nails done is my guilty pleasure, it’s most definitely my little treat to myself every week and its important to pamper yourself once in a while.

Baking, with my love affair with cake I thought a few years ago that I should learn to bake and now there’s no stoping me.

P2015Sep26-1443298703990.jpgIce cream, have you ever been sad with ice cream!


I have a lot of tattoos with them all meaning something extremely personal to me, to me they are more than just art, they are drawn diary entries all over my body. Every time I look at them I’m transported to a time in my life and whether good or bad I know I’ve grown from the experience.

Me and Jamie have both been blessed when it comes to our families and we are never far away from them.

I don’t drink at home, I’m not sure why I just never have so when I go out it feels a little more special and I always drink wine because honestly it makes me feel like a adult who has her life together.

I still have all the games consoles I had growing up, me and Jamie don’t party and rarely go out on a Friday or Saturday night, instead we order a take away and challenge each other to a game of micro machines on the Sega megadrive. To me this is the highlight of my week we laugh all night to the point of crying.

I hope you have enjoyed a little trip into my happy little life, why don’t you tell me what makes your world happy.

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