“Call your parents.
Go for a walk.
Read more books.
Take a real lunch break.
Turn your phone off.
Eat some ice cream.” Laura Anne Creative

And finally part three of three, you can find part one here. And part two here.

Day 41 – I saw loads of stories of people struggling, getting frustrated and just generally fed up but you can come share my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh ♥️ Climbed into the bath fully clothed and sung my heart out

Day 41 – After my sister testing positive for Covid-19 and us having contact at my dads funereal, me and my brother headed to Manchester for our Covid-19 tests.

Day 42 – Started to completely lose my mind in complete isolation. Losing my one walk a day felt like the end of the world.

Day 42 – I continued to lose my mind!
“I think you’re headed for a breakdown
So be careful not to show it”

Day 43 – Filmed a different kind of video for me, it took me out of my comfort zone and made me realise how much I enjoy filming videos and pushing myself.

Day 44 – Guys I was going to go skiing ⛷️ Then I realised like an idiot I left my skis at my house in the Alps!! I mean who knew I would need my skis in England in May! But don’t worry I found the next best thing!!

Day 44 -Everyday might not be perfect but there is something perfect in everyday. And these little babies were my perfect today!! Lockdown opened my eyes to what spring is all about.

Day 45 – On my daily walk casually waiting for David Beckham to slide into my DMs
Think I pulled something!

Day 46 – Got really really drunk in the bath drinking wine from a coconut! Like really drunk!!

Day 47 – It’s cool to be square right!! Just putting this into the world but Achy Breaky Heart is one of my favourite songs ever & one I was a kid me and my granny would spend hours line dancing to it!! I’m as crap at line dancing as I was then!! I managed to master the first 5 steps then my lack of rhythm kicked in!! 

Day 48 – I enjoyed apple bobbing way more than my 35 year old arse should have done!!

Day 49 – Celebrated my first year anniversary of hiking, a hike I was planning to do on the day. However a global pandemic had other ideas.

Day 49 – Sign me up for the Olympics because I’ve found my calling!! 
I feel that all my talents were grossly overlooked as a child!!

Day 50 – Made my first video about sustainability an area that I am quickly becoming more passionate about. However don’t feel like I know enough about it to actually be filming videos.

Day 51 – I will not be putting hula hooper on my post lockdown CV!! But I can add looks like a shrimp having some kind of episode!! That face 😭😭

Day 52 – I thought golf might be my thing!! Turns out it’s not my thing. Not even a bit! ⛳🏌️

Day 53 – My soul is different at the sea 🌊 it’s calmer, quieter & knows what to do! “You stand next to the sea and you’re in touch with all your longings and all your losses.”

If lockdown lifting slightly and the ability to travel now for exercise, the first place I headed was to the sea and I am not ashamed to say I ugly cried happy tears.

Day 54 – Nobody puts baby in the corner!!! Dirty dancing with non of the dirty & really poor dancing!! Felt so good being able to leave my home town for a second day.

Day 55 – Did a little sex wee when I saw this bad boy!! All got a little emotional!! First trig in 8 weeks called for some Celine
FYI This was the first trig I ever got on too ♥️ we have history!

Day 56 – My babies are growing up so fast!! 🦆 One positive from the last few months is I got to see these little fellas grow something I wouldn’t have noticed before! I think I’m attached now I have started naming them. 

Day 57 – Back to the beach and I couldn’t be happier

Day 58 – Had this little monster for the day. My sister is a key worker with no child care so I got to be fun aunt Emma for the day!

Day 59 – Discovered a new love of painting, turns out I am not the worst painter in the world.

Day 60 – And she came back for more fun. This time Introduced her to camping. Now she thinks I live in the tent and we are going camping forever. Fun Fact about Alisa she likes to take one bite out of each of your apples.

Day 61 – Did my first ever hike with my sister
I don’t think you can get sisters more different than us but I can safely say I had a great time & we didn’t fall out once!! She even offered to catch me when I got stuck in a cave ♥️ We even enjoyed some chips and a brew at the end.

Day 62 – My first social distanced hike with this beautiful lady in the Peak District. FYI Lockdown made me fat and lazy, this was a killer!!!

Day 63 – Hiked Fleetwood to Blackpool and back! My longest hike in ten weeks at 18 miles. Oh and this happened.

Day 64 – I rested and spent the day painting. Painting may be the only thing in the world that makes me put my phone down!

Day 65 – 23.8 miles and I barely touched my phone! Normally I would take too much pictures, I took maybe 10 the whole day! Had ice cream & doughnuts ♥️ just what I needed. In my top five days of Lockdown fun!!

And that’s it. Thanks for reading until the end, although we are still in Lockdown now that I am able to social bubble and have some kind of normal back in my life, I am enjoying a bit of a break from social media.

What activities did you get up to in Lockdown?


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