“Don’t think of introversion as something that needs to be cured… Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you’re supposed to.” Susan Cain

I have been sharing my daily thoughts through self isolation on my social media accounts, I have just been writing a few honest statements of what I have been going through daily, odd thoughts that have popped into my head and general crap. Although most of it is total rubbish I want to be able to keep them and look back over them to see how I change of this period. I also wanted to the share them because everyone’s experience is going to be different and more now than ever we are going to see just how special and different we are from each other!!

Day 51 – The Morning After!

  • So yesterday I decided to take myself on a date. I went for a walk, drank wine, cooked a nice meal, drank more wine & passed out!!
  • Sorry Not Sorry

Day 52 – The Morning After Again!

  • So it happened again too much wine & I passed out!!
  • Sorry Not Sorry
  • I am not drinking tomorrow!!

Day 53 – Hangover, Beach & Zero Plastic!

  • A two day drinking session has left me feeling like poo on a stick!! It’s safe to say I’m not 21 any more!!
  • I can’t tell you the joy I have in my heart right now after just a couple of hours at the beach!! I am still beaming from ear to ear!!
  • I have discovered &keep for loads of Plastic Free beauty products!! Guys I’m totally falling in love with it all.
  • I’m at the point in my life where I need a bicycle with a basket!!
  • Marks & Spencers vegan range is everything! I literally can’t tell the difference!! I ate vegan “mozzarella” sticks earlier and I’m convinced there must have been cheese in them.
  • Afternoon baths are my life now!!
  • I really really hope the sun comes out but at the same time I hope it doesn’t so people don’t go crazy with travelling!
  • Straight hair is good and all but I miss my curls!!
  • Still determined that 2020 is going to be my year!!
  • Imagine how unstoppable you would be if you loved every tiny thing about yourself!!

Day 54 – NHS, Hill Walks & Chip Bag!

  • 4am Saturday alarms are killing me! But I do love working at my local hospital!!
  • Finally got up a hill today!! And it almost killed me! Feel so lucky to actually be allowed to drive. I have beautiful walks just 20 mins away!!
  • All day I had been dreaming about a chip bap, today I treated myself to one from my local chippy and it tastes delicious!!
  • Not looking forward to a cloudy day tomorrow, blue skies make everything feel better!!
  • Lockdown is seriously messing with my period!! Currently having intense pain but no period.
  • Another early start tomorrow, I feel like Sundays are my only productive day now!!
  • I was really shocked this afternoon by the lack of people out and about, I was expecting my walk to be filled with people!!
  • When can we start hugging again 😭😭😭
  • Is it me or does everything feel different again!!
  • Thinking I might actually start working out next week! Pretty sure I will, maybe I will!!

Day 55 – Trig Love, Long Walk & Happiness!

  • Seeing a trig today was my everything!! I couldn’t resist climbing all over it ♥️ I might spend some time finding non national park trigs!!
  • I didn’t even know how much I missed stiles until I cried going over one today!! No shame in my game!!
  • As someone who normally (8/10 times) hikes solo today felt like my first “normal” day in months and it filled me with joy!
  • Since Wednesday the world has felt different and today I felt different!!
  • I am very excited for tomorrow ♥️ I do love a Monday!
  • PG Tips special brew for alternative milk is the best tea bag for oat milk. It actually tastes like I’m drinking tea again 🤣
  • I have caught the sun today I have tight little cheeks, don’t be like Emma wear sunscreen!
  • Now that I adore countryfile does that mean I’m middle aged?
  • Today was my longest walk since lockdown, it wasn’t half as long as I was used to but damn it felt amazing. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I can get my miles up!!
  • I feel overwhelmed with happiness right now!!

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