Embrace solitude, stay positive, and talk to your friends endlessly on phone are the keys to be happy during the quarantine.

I have been sharing my daily thoughts through self isolation on my social media accounts, I have just been writing a few honest statements of what I have been going through daily, odd thoughts that have popped into my head and general crap. Although most of it is total rubbish I want to be able to keep them and look back over them to see how I change of this period. I also wanted to the share them because everyone’s experience is going to be different and more now than ever we are going to see just how special and different we are from each other!!

Day 46 – Bored, Frustrated & Wine

  • I literally can’t do the same thing again tomorrow I’m losing my god damn mind!! Even thinking I’m going to go for a run for something new to do!!
  • Drinking wine out of a coconut was one of my better ideas!!
  • Little baby goslings are stealing my heart ♥️
  • There are so many parties & social gatherings happening that I’m losing faith in mankind pretty fast!!
  • Tomorrow I need to try and do lots of new things!! Roll on Sunday night and Boris’s announcement.
  • Just started watching Dead to Me on Netflix two episodes in and I’m hooked!!
  • Tomorrow might be a sunbathing day with no phone!!
  • I definitely need to get on the scales tomorrow!!!
  • I really need to speak to more people than I have been doing!!
  • It’s been over a week since I ate a sausage I think I’m cured of my addiction.

Day 47 – Long Walk, Achy Breaky Heart & No Sun

  • So I planned a full day of sunbathing and guess what the sun never made an appearance! My disappointment is unreal
  • I managed to have a nice walk across fields today, I can’t tell you how much I needed it and how much better I feel.
  • Archy Breaky Heart is one of my absolute favourite songs and I’m not ashamed to say it!!
  • Less then 24 hours and we will know what Boris has to say!!
  • I washed my hair back to the waves!!
  • What do you listen to when every cell in your body is screaming something different?
  • Remember the days we dreamed that we wouldn’t have to go to work?? I take that dream back!!!
  • I’m not ready for the sun to go away again!
  • I have a overwhelming feeling that I have forgotten something??
  • Definitely getting a take away tomorrow night already thinking 3 meals ahead!

Day 48 – Confused, Apple Bobbing & Sunday Vibes

  • If Boris Johnson talks anymore crap I’m going to have to date him!!
  • I have had the most chilled Sunday in weeks!!
  • I have eaten everything in my house today even some stuff that I’m pretty sure wasn’t edible!!
  • Lockdown has definitely given me a new perspective on some things!!
  • I’m so excited and ready for the sea now!!
  • I’m going to need two weeks notice before I go back to work so I can sober up!!
  • Things only change if you change!!
  • I’m excited for tomorrow I still bloody love Mondays!!
  • I have some really exciting new ideas for my blog & social! I can’t wait to start filming, photographing!!
  • I’ve had a lovely pamper evening and feel like a totally new woman!!

Day 49 – Olympic Dream, Virtual Hike & Plastics

  • I feel like I’m one step closer to my Olympics dream!! Flying without wings is all I can say 🤣
  • I filmed my first no plastics video today, very excited and felt creative & motivated for the first time in ages.
  • Starting the day with a virtual hike really put me in a good mood although it may have been more the company than the weather!!
  • Setting another 5am alarm tomorrow, if that was the key to my motivation I will be pretty pissed off that I just wasted the last 7 weeks 😳
  • I live less than an hour away from the beach does that mean I can go from Wednesday? Asking anyone but Boris Johnson!!
  • I need the sun to come back before my pale skin does!!
  • I need to create a happy playlist because my Spotify is questionable, somehow moved on to acoustic covers
  • I have seen some really vile social media posts, don’t be a dick we are all struggling!!
  • I wish I had freckles!!
  • The evening light at the moment is the prettiest!!

Day 50 – Plastics, Walkies & Bugger All

  • Today hasn’t been the super productive day that I had hoped for! In fact, I have just napped like 6 times!!
  • I did have an amazing walk this morning though!! And I felt amazing after it! So proud of myself for posting my video today!! Going plastic-free is something I have thought about for ages so I’m super happy to be making positive steps in that direction!!
  • I’m so sleepy this is ridiculous I’m never going to be able to return to normal life because I’ve turned into an 80 year old lady!!
  • I’m super excited to be able to go out for two walks tomorrow! Maybe it will help with the tiredness issue!
  • This really isn’t how I thought 2020 would go I’m not going to lie!!
  • It’s also scary how quickly I have gotten used to not working!!
  • Not even 9pm and struggling to stay awake maybe I’m just boring myself now!!
  • This is the longest I’ve been in the last ten years without a maccies!!
  • Might try fake tanning for the first time ever!!

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