“The best thing you can do during the quarantine period is to wake up every morning and go back to sleep again.” Unknown

I have been sharing my daily thoughts through self isolation on my social media accounts, I have just been writing a few honest statements of what I have been going through daily, odd thoughts that have popped into my head and general crap. Although most of it is total rubbish I want to be able to keep them and look back over them to see how I change of this period. I also wanted to the share them because everyone’s experience is going to be different and more now than ever we are going to see just how special and different we are from each other!!

Day 36 – Ibiza Vibes & Be Kind

  • After life 2 is everything ♥️
  • I tried Tinder again today & basically I’m going to be single until Prince Charming knocks on my front door because online dating isn’t for me at all 🤣
  • I need to kick my sausage addiction!!
  • I danced my little heart out today!!
  • I have wrote a to do list tomorrow that doesn’t consist of laying down in different rooms!!
  • Katherine Ryan’s podcast is wonderful
  • I treated myself to the daisy dungarees!!
  • Scrolling through my phone today I have realised I have lost one of my dresses! (You would think I would notice that I lost a dress, did I walk home naked?)
  • If it wasn’t for sausages my diet would be all began now!!
  • Today wasn’t perfect but it had happiness ♥️

Day 37 – Shopping, Dancing & Tinder Hell

  • I have bought way too clothes this week turns out my grief is manifesting as a shopping addiction!!
  • I’ve been on Tinder 24 hours and already been asked 4 times to send nudes 😭 mate I wear my bathing suit in the bath so you have no hope 🤣
  • People who don’t dance in your kitchens, what do you do in there?
  • If you could never see your favourite person again, would you be happy with the last thing you said to them?
  • Today I had a sense of calm and clarity which both broke and started to heal my heart.
  • Currently have the sunscreen song stuck on a loop in my head!!
  • If you had to be stuck in a room with a T-Rex or your ex which would you pick? Currently naming my T-Rex fluffy!!
  • According to my best friend I need more leather in my life!! I was thinking the same!!
  • My name’s Emma and I have been sausage free for a day now!!
  • Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place with Ricky Gervais is a must listen!!

Day 38 – Romance, Dancing in the Rain & Sugar

  • I have eaten a weeks worth of sugar today alone!!
  • I don’t know if it’s Tinder or my Jane Austen obsession but I would really like some romance in my life & not the vile Tinder messages I get daily!
  • Dancing in the rain literally feels like it washes all my worries away!!
  • I need to stop watching Pride and Prejudiced so often!!
  • Wine free today!! *Smug face
  • Going to use my free time to start researching brands so I can switch out more of my plastics to more environmentally friendly products.
  • Flowers make my heart happy!!
  • I wish I could see my dad just one more time!! Today has been hard!!
  • My eyebrows are out of control again, time to see what I can do again. Prey for the brows!!
  • I would do anything for a weekend away right now!!

Day 39 – Sports Day, Bee Happy & You are Worthy

  • You are worthy of everything in this world you want & don’t ever let anyone tell you different! ♥️
  • Pretty sure I am going to hug & kiss the first person I see after lockdown!!
  • I May is forever going to be Sports Day for me. I did it once now it’s a tradition!! Todays outfit bought me joy! Although I’m on a emotional rollercoaster so still cries today!!
  • I’m pretty sure I have laid down on every piece of furniture I have!!
  • I miss the world 🌍
  • For the first time in 35 years I finally went to the church I have been meaning to go to!! Finally had time 🤣
  • What if the last person you slept with was the person you had to spend the rest of your life with???
  • Just set my 4am alarm, prey my neighbours don’t have another party!!
  • I may have eaten three bags of Haribo today!!

Day 40 – PE with Emma, Covid 19 & Pizza

  • Why can’t I order a normal sized amount of take away!! I will be eating pizza for the next week!!
  • Not being able to leave my house for the next 14 days is going to break my heart!! But very grateful for a garden even if it currently looks like a jungle!! Might actually be productive now!!
  • If I was allowed to drink wine at the gym I might have gone more often!!!
  • So covid 19 test tomorrow that will be fun!! If I’m honest I’m just happy to be able to drive on the motorway!!
  • Now I’m not allowed to leave the house I’m going to have to exercise at home!! No excuses!!
  • I will cry of they start letting people out and I’m stuck in isolation, cry like a baby.
  • Do you listen to your heart, head or gut???
  • I’m going to get some pictures printed and make a scrapbook of all my adventures and friends.
  • Should probably hide my credit card in the freezer.
  • Noah Cyrus is my new girl crush!!

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