“Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them.” Jodi Picoult

I have been sharing my daily thoughts through self isolation on my social media accounts, I have just been writing a few honest statements of what I have been going through daily, odd thoughts that have popped into my head and general crap. Although most of it is total rubbish I want to be able to keep them and look back over them to see how I change of this period. I also wanted to the share them because everyone’s experience is going to be different and more now than ever we are going to see just how special and different we are from each other!!

Day 31 – Bicycle, Pansies & Blog Post

  • Why do I always want to change my blog layout at night, it’s going to be a late one.
  • Pansies will forever remind me of Alice in Wonderland
  • I really need to stop listening to such depressing music!!
  • I can’t remember the last time I washed my hair, but I think it’s been two weeks!!
  • Online dating sucks as much as 2020 does!!
  • How did I forget to ride a bike???
  • I have spent more on groceries in the last 5 weeks then I did in the whole of 2019! Who know you could cook in your kitchen!
  • Maybe I will win the lottery this week!! Until then I will continue to browse right move.
  • I can’t believe I’m writing this but I’m starting to miss the gym.
  • I’m such an emotional mess I have no actual idea what I want!!

Day 32 – Rollin, Tan & Berries

  • I now owe my 3 year old niece a new ride on toy!!
  • I don’t want to set my alarm for 4am 
  • Friday is Shagged, married and annoyed day!!! By far the best pod cast out there!!
  • This is the best April tan I’ve ever had!!
  • I miss the sea!! Even the jellyfish!
  • I am building myself up to sort my wardrobe out next week!!
  • I really really need to wash my hair I’m pretty sure a bird tried to live in it!
  • My dungarees give me life, I might wear them all summer!
  • I literally can’t eat enough fruit at the moment.
  • I have soooooo many clothes!!!

Day 33 – Be You, Dreams & More BBQ

  • How does me listening to the most depressing music ever equal me being so positive?!
  • Finally washed my hair! I’m such a tramp!
  • My neighbour watched me pouring the watering can over myself today!! Yet asked no questions!
  • No alarm tomorrow, the kitchen won’t mind if I’m late.
  • Tomorrow I might exercise I mean I won’t be I might!!
  • Love & wine makes the world go round!
  • If lockdown has taught me anything it’s that I need a new phone number!
  • It’s ok to be different!
  • Might iron something tomorrow just for a change!!
  • I’m not ready for the rain to come back yet! Although I might be more productive!

Day 34 – Flowers, Period & Happiness

  • My period made me eat two family bars of chocolate today!
  • I have become obsessed with watching Trinny Woodall (of Trinny & Susannah) on Facebook!!
  • Brace yourself, I had a productive day today!!
  • Still obsessed with Architectural Digest
  • My period also made me eat a bag of Haribo
  • Flowers make my soul happy
  • I didn’t drink any wine today, but will be getting very drunk tomorrow!
  • I’m starting to think we are going to be in self isolation forever 
  • Its been literally two years since I was home this many weekends in a row!! 
  • I’m going to reread Pride and Prejudiced for at least the 150th time because it’s my favourite love story ❤️

Day 35 – Tears & Sleepy Unicorn

  • *Insert inspirational quote!
  • I am utterly overwhelmed with all your kind words
  • When it rains look for rainbows!
  • I’m exhausted!!
  • Tomorrow is a new day!!

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