“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” Buddha

I have been sharing my daily thoughts through self isolation on my social media accounts, I have just been writing a few honest statements of what I have been going through daily, odd thoughts that have popped into my head and general crap. Although most of it is total rubbish I want to be able to keep them and look back over them to see how I change of this period. I also wanted to the share them because everyone’s experience is going to be different and more now than ever we are going to see just how special and different we are from each other!!

Day 11 – Costa Del Boredom, Tears & Oat Milk

  • Oat milk in tea isn’t half bad but it doesn’t taste like tea!
  • I had a completely sausage free day!! I’m a changed woman.
  • Kids if you are going for a dip in the pool don’t forget your armbands, safety first!!
  • Pretty sure my neighbour is going to move as soon as we are allowed out!!
  • Even the local street names are teasing me with mountains now!
  • I am a proper ugly crier, like fell out the ugly tree, ugly!!
  • Eyebrow watch, they are slowly moving closer to each other!!
  • I actually forgot to eat lunch today, who am I???
  • My cress is coming up, I finally have the same gardening skills as a 5 year old!!
  • I’m going to need a 6000 mile hike after this!!

Day 13 – The morning after the night before!!!!

  • Got drunk on wine, blocked all exes across all platforms & passed out!! And that all folks……….

Day 13 – Blue Skies, I want to Break Free & No Regrets

  • No tears today 
  • If I get arrested will I get frisked? Asking a friend!
  • I think I might start a new career making Instagram videos for fun!
  • Wanted to unblock but didn’t!! 
  • If I’m going to sunbath I really need to shave my legs!!
  • Still not bored enough to paint my fence!
  • I am going to need a lot of hugs once this is all over!!
  • Walked 8 miles on my daily exercise & it was amazing!
  • I’m pretty sure I’m only eating vegan junk food now!
  • Absolutely clueless about what I’m going to do tomorrow!

Day 14 – Walking on Sunshine & Workout

  • Dancing in front of a crowd is as awful as it sounds!!
  • Did a workout today! Smug face!
  • Almost drank some water today!
  • Eyebrows are now twice their usual size!!
  • Already know what I’m doing tomorrow, second smug face!
  • Netflix is wank!!
  • I have shrunk a lot of my clothes in the tumble dryer!!
  • My emotions would make an incredible rollercoaster ride!
  • Think I found a grey leg hair!!
  • Think I’m off dating forever!!

Day 15 – Weeing, Spa Day & Not all Vegan Sausages are Created Equal

  • Had to pee in a bush in town today!!
  • My facemask left me smelling like a tasty snack, definitely don’t look like one!
  • Some vegan sausages are absolutely disgusting!
  • Can still taste how awful the sausages were 冷
  • Hello tears, had a little cry tonight!!
  • I have watched the first 10 minutes of at least 150 films so far!
  • Want to see the super moon tonight but know I will fall asleep before it comes out!!
  • Feeling very grateful & thankful today, must be the sun!!
  • Might wax my moustache tomorrow!
  • Just cried at the Lion King!

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