“We don’t function well as human beings when we’re in isolation” .Robert Zemeckis

Wow, possibly the most unflattering start to a video I have ever seen! In true isolation style, I have followed the masses over to Tik Tok! Entering the world of Tik Tok can only be described as the moment that Alice fell down the rabbit hole. Always one to jump on a bandwagon I couldn’t, not go on Tik Tok during isolation. Me and apparently the rest of the world it would seem it is the perfect way to lose a few days! I didn’t think it was something I was going to enjoy but honestly, it’s a nice way to get lost for a couple of hours! About ten videos in and I am still absolutely hopeless at it, I was not blessed with any form of co-ordination. In fact, I struggle not to fall over walking on the flat in a straight line! So trying to master a dance to music is almost impossible! I wonder if I could put Tik Tok down on my CV as a skill, asking a friend!!!

I asked the Instagram masses via a story for ideas of what I could do next and I got several people telling me to dye my hair using food dye. Always one to give in to peer pressure I did it the very next day. Now anyone that knows me knows that my hair is my thing! I haven’t changed the colour or style in the last 8 years (I know but I love it) so doing a DIY job on it even if it was just food dye scared the crap out of me!! After watching a couple of hours worth of Youtube videos I decided to just do it and hope for the best, the worst that could happen would it be staining my hair and to be honest, by the time this is over I will be half blonde and half brunette anyway.

I simply added some food dye to some white conditioner, left it in for a few hours and rinsed it and hey presto pink hair. I have to admit I bloody loved it although it really only lasted one wash (at the same time as being sad it went I was happy I didn’t ruin my hair)

One of the things I have found most annoying during self-isolation is the sheer amount of rubbish everywhere!! During my daily walks I have been picking up rubbish I find along the way and honestly it is the most disgusting thing ever!! I would say 90% of what I find is drink-related whether its plastic bottles or cans. Another 5% is snack related, either sweet wrappers or crisp packets which means people are literally just throwing them on the ground when they are finished. I am pretty sure self-isolation is just putting me off people more and more! Usually, when I litter pick I don’t wear gloves and I am just super careful what I pick up mainly because I don’t normally carry gloves with me and I can never just walk past litter! But due to the current climate, I have made an effort to go out with gloves always. Turns out even in a crisis some people will just be litterbugs!

What have you been up to during self isolation?


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