“Loneliness doesn’t have much to do with where you are.” Hugh Hefner

Whoever said that “adventure isn’t a destination, it is a state of mind” clearly lived through a global pandemic! Although not a fan of change I have been blessed with the ability to adapt quickly to new circumstances (thinking about it now, it could be due to all the really shit boyfriends I have had over the years and the needing to start my life over again, more times than I care to remember. But lets not give them any credit for that.). For myself personally and I realise it is different for every single person it feels like I have two choices right now, adapt quickly or sit around crying and drinking wine all day.

As much as I love drinking wine that just isn’t an option for me right now, always looking for the positive I have decided to use this time to explore new adventures and fine-tune some creative ideas. Basically I am never going to get this time back again so I am going to make the most of it, even if its not ideal or what I had planned.

For me using my time productively actually meant tie dying t’shirts pink using beetroot!! With no idea whats happening with money and not being able to leave the house this seemed like the perfect idea! Full disclaimer, creative ideas always work much better in my head than they do in actual real time. But guys I flippin love my new t’shirt and I will be wearing it on my first hike once we are allowed out again!!

And it was super easy, I used the juice from a large jar of beetroot, found an old white t shirt in my wardrobe and in lieu of elastic bands I used hair bobbles. I used the bands to tie the t-shirt up, I wasn’t bothered about a style of tie dye but if you want a certain look you can google the best ways to tie the t-shirt up and you can find loads of patterns. I then just soaked it in the juice. Once coated place in a plastic bag still tied up to dry. Once dry add salt and vinegar to a bowl of cold water and rinse your t-shirt and then you have your new piece of clothing finished!! I am pretty sure I will end up tie dying all my clothes and bed sheets before the end of this!!

Smelling like beetroot, with stained pink hands and baking under the sun I decided to nip to my favourite spot for a wild swim!! Can you believe the spot was empty? Me either! Wanting to make the most of the sunshine I quickly jumped in, lay on my back and just floated away with the sun on my face. Once I started to get tired I swam to the edge, propped myself up along the bank and floated for a little longer. A couple of locals stopped for a quick look but not being brave enough they quickly retreated!

After such a busy day being creative and swimming for miles I decided I would spend the next day relaxing beside a BBQ for one! Really it was just an excuse for me to feed my sausage habit which has developed since self isolation began! I mean the are worse things to get addicted to but I am starting to worry slightly about the fat going into my body. If I didn’t know where babies came from I would think I was pregnant but no chance what so ever of that being the case. So for now I am just enjoying the sausages (pretty sure my dream of becoming vegan during this has now gone out of the window).

Waiting for my sausages to cook and with the finest bottle of wine from La corner shop I made a pre-sausage snack of smores which were the perfect accompaniment for my vintage 2019 bottle of wine! Wrapped up in a blanket, jumper and hat this felt like the perfect ending to a wonderful couple of days of adventure! Made only better by the sausages being eaten, of which I over dosed on (no idea that eating 7 would be my limit), being a sleepy adventurer I headed up the steep ascent of my stairs and curled up under a pile of laundry for an early night with only the sound of my faulty fire alarm to keep me company.


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