Day two of my Borwick Hall adventure with Adventure Breaks if you missed day one you can catch up on day one here. After a scary first day I was fully settled into the group for day two and ready for more adventures with a couple of extra bonuses.

The day was meant to start with Archery but we managed to sneak in a ghost tour of Borwick Hall, not sure anyone believed the story of the bride to be jumping from the top floor window but we did all enjoy jumping out on each other seeing who would scream the loudest. After a bit of googling it would seem that the ghost of Borwick Hall is a well known story. The oldest and most beautiful part of Borwick Hall is the central pele tower, which dates from the 14th century.  The White Lady who haunts the tower is young and pretty but looks sad and distracted.  Perhaps she is searching for a way out of the tower, where she was imprisoned by her father when she refused to marry the man he had chosen to be her husband.  Her name is commonly thought to be Elizabeth Whittington, daughter of Thomas – although the only Thomas Whittington connected to the Hall had no daughter of that name.   Whatever her name, the story goes on to tell how she stubbornly refused to agree to her father’s demands to marry a man she did not love and as her father refused to release her from the tower until she agreed, she starved to death.

Incidentally, there is an interesting and clever priest-hide here, in a small room adjacent to one of the bedrooms which used to be known as the chapel.  It is under the floorboards, some of which are set in such a way that they will tilt up if enough pressure is put upon them, revealing a space beneath.  Once the fugitive is inside, the floorboards return to their usual place and no sign of the hide can be seen.

With no sign of the ghost we headed outside to try archery, the last time I had tried it I was 13/14 years old and wearing my girl guide uniform and completely missing the target. since then my aim hasn’t improved much but if the activities the day before had thought me anything it was that I hate to lose!! The concentration and seriousness can clearly be seen on my face.

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My “I got a bullseye dance” which looks a lot like my drunk dance!

I swapped my silly dance for a silly hat!!

We finished the morning with a low ropes course around Borwick Hall grounds! The most impressive part of the weekend for me was that I didn’t fall over once, no falling in puddles, lakes or canals, most importantly no injuries to myself or anyone else. Honestly I have no idea how I have survived to 35 years old!

The grounds echoed with our laughter and encouragement for each other and some laughing at each other. Not a single person got left out or behind. The whole weekend was just filled to the brim with positivity, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to spend the weekend with!

The weekend was finished by Sunday afternoon and not wanting to miss my chance of daylight and being outside myself and Chris went for a walk in the local area!

Acording to the legend if you climb or descend the steps without touching the limestone sides of the narrow gully, the fairies will grant your wish. It has been said that those who have ‘second sight’ can see the fairy folk skipping up the steps. I managed to get up the steps without using my hands although that may because my hips were as wide as the passage so the literally wedged me in God bless wide hips!

How the legend began no-one of course knows but what is known is that this route is part of one of the Lakeland’s corpse trails used to carry the coffins from the more rural areas to the nearby church. Several iron rings are visible on the sheer rock face and are thought to have been used to haul coffins for burial at the nearby church.

Before we knew it, it was dark and time to say goodbye on a fabulous weekend!

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