I can’t believe it has already been a week since I was walking into a room of unknown faces for a weekend of adventure! I have spent the last six months pretty much solo hiking but am now at the point that I would like to actually meet new people with the same interests to at least break up all the solo hikes and after following Adventure Breaks Club on Instagram I decided to take the plunge and book onto their next adventure weekend! So last Friday after work I headed to Borwick Hall just south of the Lake Distract to my idea of utter hell! I love adventures but the idea of meeting new people scared the crap out of me! I spent the whole Friday anxious about a million little things, would there be activities I couldn’t do? Would anyone speak to me? Would I fit in? These fears stayed with me all the way up the M6.

Just after 6pm I pulled up outside Borwick Hall where I planned to sit in my car until I had the courage to actually go in however, within seconds of pulling up a friendly face was at my car asking if I was here for the weekend and as I opened my car door another face appeared and helped with my bags. Whether I was ready or not I suddenly had no choice it was time to start the weekend!

Within seconds all the worry appeared to disappear, the wine was opened and everyone got into chatting about their personal life and laughing at what is a disaster of my love life. I would like to say we cooked together but really most of us only watched and drank more wine! So far so good everyone was super chatty and seemed really down to earth and friendly!

The next morning without a single hangover we started the day with a hike! The group was made up of mixed ages and abilities which actually worked really well. The weekend quickly become more about the social side then the actual activities! I have hiked most weekends for the last 6 months so having someone to actually talk to while doing it was far more important to me!

I don’t think there was a single moment that morning that I didn’t giggle or make a typical stupid comment, its my gift to the world!

There is always some idiot that has to get on top of the Trig! Although this was the biggest one I have been able to get on and I had an audience! Lets just say it wasn’t my most graceful moment I was just made up that I got on top of it, there was a second or two that I didn’t think I could get my thighs over it! But I believed in myself and I did it, even if it wasn’t my most attractive moment! Let’s just hope I don’t encounter any bigger ones!! It sounds stupid but this moment scared the crap out of me having to do something in front of a group that would be watching was terrifying but no one laughed at me for being stupid which allowed me to fully relax into the weekend.

After our walk we headed to a local coffee shop for tea, cake and of course more giggling and getting to know each other!!

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The afternoon was filled with canoeing, this was the one activity I was really looking forward to I haven’t been in a canoe or a kayak since I was a teenager and it is something I really want to get back into but feel really imitated doing it alone especially the first time. So this was going to hopefully give me the confidence to go off and do it alone! Sometimes just having other there to go through the basics with you is all that’s needed.

I am smiling but for at least the first 30 minutes I was petrified of falling in so much so that I barely moved a muscle. And poor Andrew behind me wasn’t allowed to move a muscle either!

We canoed down the canal to a local pub for a cheeky drink, it would seem that most of my canoeing fear comes from getting in and out of the canoe itself. That fear spiked when I realised I would have to get out near the pub and far away from the safety of the deck. Honestly I’m such a scaredy-cat I don’t know how I get anything done!

Turns out I am pretty competitive and want to win at everything! And thankfully I relaxed enough to actually enjoy the experience although I still wasn’t thrilled about the possibility of ending up in the water, it looked pretty damn cold! I was extremely happy and probably a little smug about getting back first! Poor Andrew just had me yelling at him the whole time, it was either don’t move or row faster!

Out of the water and I am pretty sure I was the only one that stayed dry!

While most were getting a warm shower and washing canal water out of their hair some of us decided to have a walk around the grounds where we were met with the most beautiful sunset! Eventually all warm and showered the group walked along the canal to the local pub for dinner and a cheeky drink or two!

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