“The good part about getting older is you stop trying to prove anything to anyone, including yourself. All you are in the pursuit of is collecting experiences – beautiful, fragile little soap bubbles that you store in your heart, and every once in a while you pull one out and gaze at the delicate pictures it shows you.” Twinkle Khanna

Mainly don’t write a list of 35 things!! So today I am celebrating my 35th birthday and I don’t feel a day over. Mentally I feel like I left school yesterday. Physically I feel I’m 65 today! I thought I would share some of things I have learnt over the last 35 years on this beautiful planet.

1. None of what you think matters! 

2. Fat, cellulite and stretch marks happen, don’t miss out on your life trying to stop them. Enjoy the cake, eat carbs, be healthy not obsessed. 

3. What you have means nothing compared to who you are.

4.Some people will use you, its their flaw not yours. 

5. Don’t smoke, it will take you a lifetime to quit!

6. The school years are not the best of your life, if you get out alive you have done well. Don’t let those years define who you are as an adult

7. Sorry means shit if actions don’t change, that goes for your own actions too.

8. You will grow apart from friends and that’s OK, not every friend is a forever friend. 

9. There will always be someone who has an opinion about your life, ignore them. 

10. Time goes quicker then older you get so don’t wait for Mondays or for when you get a new job, house or partner. Before you know it you have wasted so much time just waiting. 

11. Being in a job you hate will ruin your life! We all have times when we don’t want to be in work but if you wake up dreading the thought of going in, its time to leave. That feeling will suck you, your friends and home life into a black hole. 

12. There is no shame in asking for help. Not comfortable asking friends and family, then search professionals in your area, on the phone or online. Get as much help as you possibly can as son as possible. 

13. Blood is thicker then water is a lie that ties you to toxic people. 

14. Your truth is worth as much as anyone else, speak it and speak it loudly. 

15. You will fall in love with some right dickheads in your lifetime, learn the red flags and exit as quickly as possible. 

16. Travel far and wide and do it alone, its n these moments that you really discover who you are. 

17. Take time for yourself, indulge in what makes you happy. The things you love add value to your life.

18. Make an effort to turn the TV off and go for a walk. Don’t look back on your week and realise the only thing you did was watch love island. 

19. Do your housework in the week so weekends are all yours! Who wants to spend a day off doing housework. 

20. Keeping up with the Jones is peer pressure, sure they have a lovely new car but you don’t know their situation, you know your own. 

21. Learn which battles to fight and which to walk away from. Not all fights are worth the energy they will take but at the same time don’t let people walk over you. 

22. Love who you love and never be ashamed of that, hearts are broken by others opinions 

23. Use leave in conditioner once a week.

24. Go make up free as often as possible, your face is beautiful naked. 

25. Life gets tiring as fuck, learn to take a break

26. There is zero shame in having hot one nighters but use protection! 

27. some people are toxic, don’t attack these people. Cut them off and move on. Commenting, bad mouthing and speaking ill of them will make you the toxic person.

28. Learnt to swim

29.Do not fake orgasms its rewarding bad behavior.

30. Don’t comment on other peoples relationships, its not your business and most people only talk about the fights. 

31.Make playlists, my whole life is defined by the songs that played during love, gym sessions, heartbreak, weddings. Make playlists so when you are old you can be transported back to those memories. 

32. Don’t let people make you feel bad about the things you love, I am such an old lady I love hiking with a brew at the end. That’s my thing, I am not about to change it. I am also not about to feel bad about loving it. 

33. Make a bucket list of places you want to visit and visit them. If this isn’t possible then read books, watch films, cook their food. Emerge yourself in that country/place.

34. In a relationship communication and sex are the two key aspects the rest can be worked on. 

35. Don’t commit to writing a list of 35 things, this shit is hard. 


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