“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”  World Health Organization

So I have now done five weeks of looking after myself, still don’t really know how to describe these post, where as I have been obsessed in the past with fitness and basically self hating this is not that and I hope never to be in that place again. I have finally started a new chapter of self love and wanted to document it and as if having a normal and fashion Instagram wasn’t enough I decided to set a third one up! 

emmas_happy_healthy_world is a celebration of me loving my body! I have literally spent the last 34 years picking myself apart, self hating and punishing my body instead of celebrating and loving it! In the last six months I have gained weight, my body shape has completely changed and my mental health around my body has made an unrecognisable change.

So last week I had started to notice that my clothes are fitting a little different than normal! I haven’t been dieting just trying to move a little more. From walking to work to doing classes that make happy rather than burning calories! Last Thursday I fitted into a swimsuit I haven’t worn in about 18 months! 😍 Hence the ridiculous grin! 
I certainly don’t have a weight or dress size I want to fit in. I have a state of mind I would rather fit into. It’s about being happy, healthy and aware that numbers don’t bring happiness! I’m smiling the same smile fitting into a smaller swimsuit as I do eating an extra big bit of cake! 
This week I fit into it next week I might not be able to and that’s ok! 

Day three of a period is the end for me! 
I came of contraception five years ago this month! And it changes my whole body and mind set! 
I was able to control my weight 
My mood swings stopped
My skin improved
Periods become shorter
My appetite and foods I wanted to eat became in line with my cycle
Headaches stopped 
I had started the pill before most girls start puberty in a bid to control period pain! I had started it before I even had a chance to understand my body. I had no idea that the pill was causing so many problems because I didn’t know any other way of feeling! As a personal chance I would never use a female contraception again and haven’t for the last five years! 
So with yesterday’s crying under control and no cramps to deal with I went to Pilates this evening! This is now the longest I have been back in the gym for probably 18 months now and it feels good!

It’s the mind itself which shapes the body.” — JOSEPH PILATES

I never thought I would say this but Pilates has really become my thing, I bloody love it! Maybe even more than I love Yoga, I am trying to do three classes a week and am finding it to be as good for my mental health as it is for my physical health!

A much needed day of rest & carbs! Although I did start to feel guilty which is definitely a mind set that I don’t want to get into!! The most important aspect of all this to me is not to slip back into old habits! Exercise and food is not a form of punishment, I want gain weight if I miss a day. Sometimes I hear these old thoughts pop back into my head and I have to remind myself to tell them to fuck off. I may have been slimmer but I certainly wasn’t healthy!

Me and my beautiful friend Sarah walked more of the wales coast path over the weekend! Treaddur Bay to Rhosneigr, we walked 21 miles and put the world to rights. Walking with a friend is wonderful, as far as mental health goes I couldn’t be happier, plus I never have to filter myself with Sarah! We covered all topics while burning off some serious calories. Only about 700 miles more for me to walk!! 

The day before was a big exercise day & I had classes and a hike planned for the rest of week! So chocolate for breakfast, walks & a cinema trip were the order of the day! 
And my local cinema only bloody showed Jaws this evening!! For the first time in maybe two decades I feel at home and a lot of that comes down to my friends, family and the life I’m building for myself! Including joining a local cinema group! 
I’m finally coming out of the all or nothing stage of my life and into a much more healthy balanced stage and it feels good!

“Most important, in order to find real happiness, you must learn to love yourself for the totality of who you are and not just what you look like.” –Portia de Rossi

That is right, even more pilates! In three weeks I have seen my body shape change so much that I can’t believe it! Pilates is given me the perfect life balance and I utterly enjoy it!


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