You might want to get your tissues ready!!! My beautiful friend Aimie has wrote a second post about her happiness!

Some of you may have read my last guest post “Happiness comes in all different forms” if you haven’t, I’d like to politely suggest you follow this link to give it a nosy, otherwise this may not make a lot of sense!

Rewind the months back to February 9th, 5 days before our journey started the year before & I first binned all of our birth control. My 1st blog post was about to launch & we were waiting to see when we’d be lucky enough to start our little family. 01:00 I wake up having the most abnormal sharp pains throughout my abdominal area. They passed, but the feeling off failure crept in as I thought, “oh yay it’s my period & it’s early” I curled back up into a ball & drifted back off to sleep. My lovely Mr had work that day, an early day shift, I always try to get a shower prior to nudging him awake so that we can walk the puppy together before he leaves for the day as he’s normally gone for up to 11hrs. As I head to the bathroom I decided to take a pregnancy test with me knowing it would be negative but thinking I won’t have the not knowing waiting over my head until next weekend which was when I originally decided I needed to do a test. I pee’d on the stick & waited, then to my utter shock it came back positive…. I burst into the bedroom in floods of tears waking the Mr. Dazed & obviously concerned as to why I’m crying like a crazy women I shoved the stick in his face at 0630 & clung to him for dear life. Once he’d come round & I’d calmed down I managed to say those 3 words I’d longed to be able to say to him… “We’re pregnant”.

After lying in bed for a while I did what most do & text mother simply saying “are you awake?”, I got a response around 10 minutes later, sent a picture of the test just saying those words again “We’re pregnant” to which my phone hadn’t had a chance to lock its screen when she rang in tears. Dad was fetching the morning brews & when he came back to find mum on the phone crying was a little shocked, she put me on speaker so we could tell him as well & needless to say we were all shocked that it had happened. I’m extremely close to my family & they have been our rocks whilst we have been having treatment, checking in at all steps & talking things through with me when I’ve had a wobble. We told my Nan, Brother & Sister-In-Law that morning as well & I don’t think anything could of wiped the gigantic cheshire cat style smile off our faces.

As it was only early days (around 4 weeks according to the app I downloaded) we knew we wanted to keep it quiet for as long as we could from the outside world. With the Mr working most weekends at that time Me & Emma normally spent one of the weekend days as a girls day, & the 10th wasn’t any different, we’d decided to tell Emma as one of the first friends especially with the amount that me & her both end up out, she came over and fussed our puppy whilst I made her a brew, got into the living room where I blurted out the news & we both cried… & then went to celebrate with breakfast in town!

During the following week I called my nurse who booked us in for an early scan, this was going to be at 7 weeks and just so happened to be the day before we flew out to Iceland. The night before the scan I was a bit of a mess, trying to pack, plus 1000s emotions & questions going through my brain I somehow managed to fall asleep then it was scan day. With us being only 7 weeks scans are done internally (like the egg scans I’d been having) we arrived at the ward & got ready, the Mr was holding my hand whilst the nurse looked on the screen prior to showing us & then we saw it, a little alien like blob with a heartbeat, it was real and really there, the beginnings of our little baby. We got a picture & skipped out to the car, called mum straight away then headed back home.

The next day we flew out to Iceland. I can honestly say Iceland is one of the most magical holidays I have ever been on, luckily I didn’t have much morning sickness early on (travel sickness was a different matter) but there tiredness was exhausting, up at 3am for our 7am flight & having our northern lights trip the same day, by time we got to our hotel we went for food, checked in & then set our alarms to have a nap so we could enjoy our trip knowing we could be out until 2am. I won’t go on too much about Iceland in this update however the Mr proposed under the northern lights on our first night to which I obviously said yes, so spend the whole time there in a definite bubble! When we arrived home our hospital scan letter for 12 weeks had come through so I spent the next 4/5weeks on count down until we could see our little bundle of joy again.

The day after getting home we also went to see a mortgage advisor, the following week we made an offer on a house to renovate & that was accepted, so needless to say we don’t do things by half. Pregnant, Engaged & buying a 1950’s semi… some people call us crazy, we just feel extremely lucky & can’t wait to get on with everything!

Now the weekend prior to our 12 week scan I had a little bit of a freak out, pregnancy is odd, its full of hormones, twinges, sickness, crying, changes etc etc & all I wanted was my Mum, luckily she could be free so the Mr brought her with him to meet me for our scan, sadly the room wasn’t big enough for mum to fit in however knowing she was next door I felt a lot more relaxed. At first I sat there with my eyes close, the Mr was at the end of the bed (due to the size of the room) holding my ankle & the sonographer turned the screen round to face them first (this is something they do to ensure no nasty surprises at the first scan). Once the heartbeat was found, which felt like a life time of waiting she moved the screen to face us both & my heart burst, seeing this tiny human being inside me & we just couldn’t stop smiling.

Prior to the scan we had already decided we wanted to be tested for the risk of Downs & a few other things that the sonographer would look for during the first scan. At this early stage it is just a blood test & looking for a few growth markers on baby. We completely understand that some would decide not to do this however we felt it was the right move for us to find out. Based on the scan they couldn’t see anything wrong & my bloods came back as an extremely low risk to the 3 things that are tested for needless to say we were pleased as it would have been a worry to us if not.

Due to my PCOS I already knew that I would end up having to have the gestational diabetes blood test done later along the line, & sure enough as I came out I was asked to book in for this for July, also due to my blood group (O-) I would need to have a special jab to avoid Rhesus disease. Which you can read about in this link:  https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/rhesus-disease/causes/

After the 12 week scan you get to see your midwife at around 16ish weeks, we decided on this day to have a private scan at a local place near us called “Your Baby Scan” for two reason mainly, reason number1: we didn’t know if the Mr would be off for the 20 week gender scan & reason number2: I’m impatient & I could wait to see baby again… 8 weeks seems like such a long time! As we arrived for our private scan we got to do a little buggy shopping in the shop downstairs from it, we found an EGG buggy we were particularly fond of & asked about all the pros & cons (we were coming back in a couple of days to the shop with my parents to shop properly for our buggy however we still ended up getting this one in forest green). The scan centre was amazing, the room was huge so we knew we could bring family back next time & as we sat there waiting to see baby again on this giant projected screen we couldn’t help but get excited. The sonographer started by checking baby over & showing us around their little body, assured us that everything looked good for this stage however we would still need to attend our official 20week scan, they informed us if they felt anything was wrong though they would ask us to contact our midwife which luckily they felt we didn’t need to. As she searched over baby trying to wiggle them round so we could get a peak between the legs we saw it.. yes baby is defiantly male & that defiantly could not be missed on the scan! We headed straight from the scan to Next to choose an outfit to announce to our families, then went off to meet the midwife. 16week is only a quick check up with a few questions a tests done (blood pressure, urine sample etc) we then booked our 25 week check-up in which we were told would be a bit longer & a Doppler scan would be used to check the heartbeat out. My parents & nan came round for tea that evening so we could show them the scans & we tried to call my brother & sister-in-law who were on route to the airport (we ended up messaging instead) But we visited the Mrs grandparents during the day to share our news & spoke to his parents before we saw them the following day.

After the 20week scan the NHS doesn’t provide additional scans unless you are expecting a multiple birth or if baby is slightly too large or too small for their weeks gestation which would either be picked up at the 20week scan or with your midwife from the 25 week appointment. We have just had our 20week scan & things are all good with baby. He’s got a great heartbeat & is very active, we have found out I have an anterior placenta so I won’t feel much until baby is bigger which concerns me in a way as I am so desperate to feel that first little kick (I’ve had whooshing feelings & bubbles but no kicks yet!) so we are yet to find out if we will have any additional NHS scans, however when we chose our buggy we also got a 3D/4D scan so that is booked for round the 25week mark…. Needless to say I’m pretty sure we will have another scan as 15 weeks is a long time to go in my eyes before we get to meet our little man in person!

As I mentioned earlier we have gotten engaged & purchased a house since finding out we are expecting…. The house sale seems to be going along well & we are hoping to get the keys in July. It is a cosmetic renovation to start (we have long term plans) however need to get a few bits done before we can leave our rented accommodation. There is a beautiful south facing garden the puppy is going to love which needs new fencing along one side & across the back (he’s an escape artist) there’s also very stylish 70’s carpeting downstairs & in some of the upstairs rooms along with some very fetching polystyrene tiles. Some think we are mad but we love a challenge & both our families are keen to help get us settled prior to baby’s arrival. The wedding planning is on hold until after Baby arrives, we are keen on 2021 but who knows, could be sooner or later depending on what we fancy!

And that’s our journey so far, I’m pretty sure Emma will want me to update you all closer to the end & say what it is like trying to renovate & move houses from 31weeks! Sorry if I’ve rambled, baby brain as I have now discovered is a real thing & defiantly gets in the way!


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