“Waterfalls are exciting because they have power, they have rainbows, they have songs, and they have boldness and craziness!”   Mehmet Murat ildan

A couple of weeks ago I found myself still unable to hike any distance thanks to a pulled ligament (all healed now) but wanting to do nothing but hike. Even while taking it easy being in Wales has been a big thing for me! So I spent four weeks exploring and ticking all the places in North Wales, I have wanted to visit off my bucket list. Including Aber Falls. Guys I am sorry this post is mainly pictures because there is only so much I can write about one waterfall! However it is a super beautiful waterfall and really worth the visit, nothing any really prepare you for how beautiful it is in real life!

The waterfall is located about two miles south of the village of Abergwyngregyn, Gwynedd, I parked in the village and walked the two miles for the extra stretch. The car park closer to the nature reserve is not massive so if you visit at the weekend parking in the village is probably a good idea. The waterfall is formed as the Afon Goch plunges about 120 feet (37 m) over a sill of igneous rock in the foothills of the Carneddau range. Two tributaries merge; the enlarged stream is known as Afon Rhaeadr Fawr; from the road bridge, Bont Newydd (“New Bridge”), the name becomes Afon Aber

From the second I could see the waterfall I had this goofy look on my face! As soon as you catch a glimpse of the falls you are in love, walking along the track to the falls the hills frame the river and waterfall perfectly as if it is a painting. I was very lucky to arrive super early and have the place to myself, I can imagine it gets super busy at peak times and the last thing you want while being faced by mother nature is the voices of others.

The Wales coastal path actually runs very close, in fact over the falls bridge so at some point I will be visiting it again very soon! I say soon I still have about 770 miles left of the path to walk and I really need to start walking it some kind of order!

No amount of pictures can show how incredibly beautiful Aber Falls is! I was completely in awe of nature and her beauty!

Abergwyngregyn often shorted to just Aber is stunning, full of lush countryside, wild mountains and lies less then a mile away from the sea. The village itself has an important defensive history and was the seat of the last native Price of Wales, Llywelyn ap Gruffudd. It is also home to a defensive enclosure dating back to before the Romans, Maes Y Gaer, which offers amazing views as far as to the Isle of Man.

Aber was one of ten sites chosen during the Welsh Culture Heritage Initiative of 2009 as being “Iconic significance to Welsh culture, heritage and nationhood”. Which explains why 50,000 people Aber every year!

I had zero idea that I could ramble on about waterfalls as much as I just have but there you have it, I am crazy!

Because I am a wanker and you can never have enough Waterfall selfies, EVER!!


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