“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.”—Alexander McQueen

Flipping heck, week six guys!! Surely I can call myself a fashion blogger now, OK so maybe not a fashion blogger but I am loving sharing my daily looks! Can you believe I am on week bloody six because I can’t!! In case you missed it my sister convinced me to start up emmas_happy-wardrobe to show my daily looks! Not sure anyone but my sister is actually going to be interested but I have started to really enjoy it. I would describe my style as unsupervised 5 year old so the page is pretty damn colourful! Also I figured if I am already posting on Instagram I should really post on here! I rarely buy anything new or I should say full price. My normal buys are sale items and charity shop finds which makes dressing up and putting pieces together way more fun. So sorry if this isn’t your thing, you can skip this post if you like!

Outfit one, So last weekend I went to a local Pride event so I knew I wanted to be colourful and thank god the British summertime has finally graced us with her presence! My whole outfit was from F&F at Tesco and is all still available now in store (I went last night and saw it, nearly bought the top again because I forgot I had it, oops) This was only the second time in a couple of years that I have worn shorts and with the vest top I did feel very self conscious, in fact I become more anxious the longer I was out! I guess I just felt exposed, something that I have never felt comfortable being. Next time I would probably wear the shorts with a fuller top or t’shirt. The shorts are super cute though, you could easier add heels and wear them on a night out!

Outfit two, I had a date last week! And this is the look I went for! The date was a day exploring Stratford upon Avon, so I wanted summer, relaxed but a little bit sexy (it was our first date). So strappy top from F&F at Tesco (no bra, first date remember!) Fitted but playful skirt from George at Asda and flat sandals from F&F! Tried to stay comfy and relaxed but like I made an effort and it must have worked because we are having another date!

Look three! I bloody love a leopard print, classic yet fun! This was a work look! Pink T’shirt is from New Look, Skirt is Primark and sandals are Dorothy Perkins! Although I have only had the sandals two months and they are already ruined so won’t be buying sandals from there again! Floral jacket was a charity shop find and cost two pounds!

Outfit four, I am really hoping this is a bad angle otherwise I won’t be wearing this dress again! The dress is so old I have zero idea where it is from! Staying positive though, my hair looks good in this picture! I am 6ft so finding maxi dresses that look like maxi dresses is a bit of a nightmare! When I bought this dress I also bought it in black!

Outfit five and by far my favourite of the week! If not my favourite of the year! Sandals are F&F at Tesco as always! The rest of the outfit cost £4 from charity shops and honestly I am in love with 80’s shirts! The second I get some free time to myself again I am going on a full day of charity shop hunting! I have a four town plan, I just need a day off work! Luckily I have some time off at the end of the year! Then I am having a wardrobe clear out and am going to experiment a little more with my look!

Look six, as always my weekend look constants of workout gear! And as always its F&F at Tesco! Not going to bang on about it as I normally do! Maybe its time to get some new pieces though!


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