“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” Gianni Versace

I feel like I deserve a pat on the back for still keeping up with my outfit posts! Can you believe I am on week bloody four because I can’t!! In case you missed it my sister convinced me to start up emmas_happy-wardrobe to show my daily looks! Not sure anyone but my sister is actually going to be interested but I have started to really enjoy it. I would describe my style as unsupervised 5 year old so the page is pretty damn colourful! Also I figured if I am already posting on Instagram I should really post on here! I rarely buy anything new or I should say full price. My normal buys are sale items and charity shop finds which makes dressing up and putting pieces together way more fun. So sorry if this isn’t your thing, you can skip this post if you like!

Outfit one, So I am a week behind on outfit posts, this was from the days when we didn’t know if there would be a heatwave or snow! I mean who the hell should be wearing tights in June! Dress is from H&M at the end of last year and I think it was the first dress that I bought that was out of my comfort zone! I fell in love with it but felt I couldn’t pull it off! Turns out I could and I now even wear it with a belt! I would normally just wear it in the autumn, winter time with boots!

Look two, by far my favourite! I had to go away with work for a couple of days and the hotel we stayed in was by far the nicest hotel I have stayed in on a work trip! I took full advantage of the fluffy robes and big bed!

Outfit three, I would just like to say that this yellow waterproof coat has been my best investment yet! I wear it nearly everyday! Coat was from Mountain Warehouse and the first piece of practical clothing I have ever bought!

Outfit four, Yelllow coat again! All my gym wear is y f&f at Tesco because I love it! I have spoken about it so many times now! But honestly give it ago!

Look five, this was for a date! And he didn’t even say that I looked nice! Totally wasted on him! Pink trousers are cropped them and the vest are from F&F at Tesco, pretty sure all my clothes are from Tesco! If you have never thought about shopping there I suggest you stop reading and go check them out! They fit so well! I do love this look for a date, this may become my first date look going forward! In fact as you read this I am on a first date and I am now planning on wearing this same outfit! Plus I won’t need to shave my legs! Sorry not Sorry!

Outfit six, Probably my most daring outfit so far! Well daring for me! Lets break this down! Pants are George at Asda, vest and sandals are F&F and my nan kitted the cardigan! If you had asked me six months ago to wear this outfit I would have never done it, I would have been far too scared. I would have been worried that I wasn’t cool enough to pull it off or I looked too fat, too old etc! And for all I know I might! Just now I don’t care, I have always been super interested in clothes, I used to cut looks out of magazines and make scrapbooks too afraid to actually wear any of it! Now I am actually taking daily pictures and writing it about! Recently I have been banging on about how wonderful aging really is, it is with age comes the most surreal mental development, Roll on 40! I wear this outfit for work, luckily I have a very understanding boss, that is all I am saying!

Outfit seven, Another F&F outfit! I really need to start shopping elsewhere! Although I got this dress for a fiver in the sale! Jacket is from Dorothy Perkins! I bought this dress 6 months ago and this was the first time I wear it because I wasn’t sure how to wear it! I now love it and its perfect for “work to cocktails” look!


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