“On mossy mound where toadstools grow, They dance in moonlight, row on row, To music from the purling brook Where Conwy dreams in secret nook. Strange moonlight whisperings thru the wood Where ancient golden beech have stood And drowsed, thru drifting times of yore,Steeped deep in mystic myth and lore” Leila Sen

I am currently suffering with some ligament damage in my right leg and I have been advised against hiking for a few weeks! Which makes me nothing but extremely sad! Ligament damage or not there is no way I could go more than a week without visiting Wales! Even more so now I have started developing migraines on weekends I don’t visit! (Realising the intro into this post is making me sound like an 90 year old lady!). So I decided to try and take it easy, there were some tears of pain and visit some places more inland while I recover!

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to visit The Fairy Glen Gorge, all I have ever seen of it, is a string of stunning images! Although unless you know about it and how to get there it isn’t one of those attractions that you can just stumble upon! I spent 30 minutes driving around before I found it!  It is reached from the Fairy Glen Hotel beside the A470 and admission is 50p in the honesty box, plus £1 to park. It is then a 10/15 minute walk to the gorge, nothing can prepare you for just how stunning it is and no picture I have ever seen has lived up to its actual beauty!

Apparently having a bad leg won’t stop me from climbing up rocks or walking through rivers nor does it stop me climbing trees (this could be a long recovery)!

Fairy Glen looks like something from the cover of a Natural Geographic magazine, the narrow gorge acts as a pathway through the untouched countryside. “The Welsh said that the fairies controlled and disturbed the waters of springs, rivers, lakes, and the sea on Friday.” – Folklore of Wales, 1909 Photo: Fairy Glen Gorge, Betws-y-Coed.

The Fairy Glen is a gorgeous wooden dingle and considered one of the prettiest spots in the area near Betws y Coed. This area is so called the Fairy Glen for the mythical sprites which are said to live there. A stream weaves between two sides of a small rocky gorge. The second you get the first peek at the magical gorge, you are left with no doubts that fairies probably do live there! For all the traveling I have done around the UK and aboard, very few places have actually taken my breath away! Fairy Glen did not only take my breath away but left me speechless and motionless as my brain took everything in.

I spend a lot of time outdoors exploring and regardless of how many times I have visited a place or how many hours I have spent outdoors hiking or climbing I never take nature for granted! For example I was the only person at the gorge, for the whole time I was there! I could have very easily slipped on the rocks, feel and knocked myself out! I did slip a couple of times in fact. Luckily I was dressed correctly for the activity. If I had slipped I could have easily drowned or been left there for hours! Always put your phone away, especially when you are moving around over rocks all it takes it one second of not paying attention! Even if you are with someone the only way to get out of the gorge would be air ambulance! When it comes to nature just always be aware of your surroundings and don’t over stretch yourself! Ok rant over, just want you to be super safe!

A mainly picture heavy post today, but I couldn’t not post about this place and I didn’t want to just stick a picture at the end of another Wales post! SO sorry not sorry! Also next time I visit over the summer I will 100% be summer in the river! Trying to soak up some of those magical vibes!


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