“Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes.” —Diana Vreeland

I can’t believe I am now three weeks into this, I have always loved the idea of sharing my fashion choices but usually decide against it or give up after a day! But here I am two weeks in, still going strong and loving it!

In case you missed last weeks post! But about fours weeks ago my sister convinced me to start up emmas_happy-wardrobe to show my daily looks! Not sure anyone but my sister is actually going to be interested but I have started to really enjoy it. I would describe my style as unsupervised 5 year old so the page is pretty damn colourful! Also I figured if I am already posting on Instagram I should really post on here! I rarely buy anything new or I should say full price. My normal buying is sale items and charity shops which makes dressing up and putting pieces together way more fun. So sorry if this isn’t your thing, you can skip this post if you like!

Outfit one, So I work Saturday mornings at a local hospital usually until 2pm that time is spent in a uniform but I try and spend the afternoon out hiking or visiting a garden. Basically I try and get as much fresh air in me as humanly possible. Which usually means once the uniform is off I tend to spend the rest of the day in workout clothes! SO when it comes to my workout gear I only wear pieces from F&F at Tesco! Over the years I have spent a small fortune on brand named sports clothes and F&F range is my favourite to the point I don’t wear anything else. Especially for the bottoms, they all sit perfectly and during exercise they don’t move at all. There is nothing worse then pulling up workout pants during a class! For trainers I only wear Adidas, even for hiking.

Look two, this outfit is one of my favourites for June! I soent the morning roaming around Bodnant gardens and what better way to dress then matching the flowers. Purely by accident all the flowers seemed to be yellow and purple so my outfit was the perfect combo! Probably too bright for work but perfect for summer weekends, the skirt is from George at Asda. The length and feel is wonderful, if the colour is too much for you they have the shape shape in different colours. It would be perfect for a beach holiday too. The purple top is sleeveless and was a charity shop find, years ago. The cardigan seems to be my worn piece this month, probably because its so damn cosy, it was from Primark last year, I wish I bought it in more colours.

Outfit three, so this look might be a bit bright for some but it made me happy, and these trousers are amazing!! They are from George at Asda and again like the above skirt they come in different colours. The sun might have been shining but there was still a little chill in the air along the coast line so I popped on a jumper, this was a charity shop find, I think I got it for a couple of pounds. I would wear this trousers for work with maybe a plain shirt or vest.

Outfit four, I loved this while I was wearing it, looking at the pictures I look like a raspberry. The skirt was from F&F at Tesco, I buy a lot of my clothes from supermarkets! The jumper was in the sale at the Edinburgh cotton mill (I have turned into my grandmother). Saying that the jumper is super lush, I will be adding Edinburgh Cotton Mill to my weekly shop stops.

Look five, what do you wear to the Spice girls! You wear a Spice Girls t’shirt and a multi coloured sequin skirt! The t’shirt was from Boohoo and is the first and last piece of clothing I have ever bought online. I hate online shopping with a passion, I have zero desire to do it and will go as long as humanly possible without doing it! The skirt I bought at Oasis just before Christmas!

Outfit six. I adore this look! The green cardi I found in a pile of my grans clothes when we were clearing her wardrobes out. She knitted it along with a pile of other jumpers I managed to save. I didn’t want to wear it for ages because it still smelt like her, for the first few nights I slept with it on my pillow. The top is short sleeved and I found it in a thrift store, it is a couple of sizes too big but tucked in it works perfect!

Outfit seven. Probably my least favourite outfit but I was committed to the look! Shoes were from New Look and are my perfect work shoe! Skirt is from the Edinburgh Cotton Mill, I got it in the sale last month for £8 and the blouse was a charity shop find for a couple of pounds! Looking back at it, I think next time I would wear the skirt with a fitted sweater!


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