“Though they sink through the sea they shall rise again; Though lovers be lost love shall not. And death shall have no dominion”. Dylan Thomas

The former county town of Anglesey is located in the commote of Dindaethwy and historic rural deanery of Tindaethwy at the eastern entrance of the Menai Strait, which separates the island from the coast of North Wales. Where you drive in from the south and or north, Beaumaris will win you over immediately with its charming seaside vibes. From the south road you are greeted by lines of pastel coloured houses over looking the sea and from the north you will come across Beaumaris (also I use the terms north and south very loosely because honestly like most of my life, I have zero idea).

So the beach isn’t great compared to others on Anglesey, if you are looking for sandy beaches I would recommend the west side of the Island (is Anglesey classed as an island? OK seems I need to do a geography refresh course because currently I am clueless! Also how is it I don’t get lost every day with this lack of knowledge! But I have found that beaches on the Beaumaris side (lets say east) tend to be either full of of rocks or shells, but necessarily a bad thing, just depends what you want to do at the beach!

Beaumaris Beach is a beach on the south west corner of the Island of Anglesey, North Wales. Close to the entrance to the Menai Strait the sand and shingle beach is not recommended for swimming due to the swirling waters of the Strait. There is a lifeboat station on the beach too, and I have never seen anyone attempting to swim, leave that to the crabs!

Beaumaris Pier is located on the banks of the Menai Strait in the town of Beaumaris, Anglesey, North Wales. The pier projects into the waters of the strait and is an embarkation point for boat trips to Puffin Island and the waters around the Isle of Anglesey. Beaumaris Pier is a fine pier popular with anglers, holiday makers and children simply having good old fashioned fun catching crabs from the clear waters of the strait. There is also a lot of children having meltdowns over crabs on the pier!

I recently wrote this but thought I would share it again!

LEGEND has it that the pastel shades of West Wales’ harbours are a legacy of the fishermen forefathers of these small communities. Once, as the story has it, fishermen would paint their terrace homes around the dock in varying colours so they could recognise their own as they returned from the sea. Historian David James, secretary of the West Wales Maritime Heritage Society, said that the colours may well have dated back to time when the fishing industry was dominant – but it was tourism that had ensured they survived.

Does that mean if you didn’t like your husband, you could just repaint your house while he was away? I wish I did that with some of my ex boyfriends! So far of all the places I have visited in Wales Beaumaris has the most number of colourful houses, however I will be spending some of the summer in South Wales and am looking forward to seeing if they are just as colourful! Let me know in the comments below if there is somewhere you can recommend in South Wales.

Does anyone else think about drumstick lollies when they look at these houses?

I spent my afternoon just wandering around, I wasn’t there for anything in particular which makes a welcome change for me! I just wandered, exploring little side streets, admiring the rows of colourful houses and the quirky little shops. I enjoyed a chip bap with mushy peas (well I was at the seaside, be rude not to) sat and caught up reading some of my favourite blogs while listening to the sea.

The reason I stopped at Beaumaris is because of Red Boat ice cream parlour, by far my favourite ice cream in the whole of Wales, although I am open to suggestions. If you know better ice cream, please let me know in the comments below and I will go test it. I can’t remember for sure what ice cream I got now but I believe it was Eton Mess and some kind of blackberry or blackcurrant flavour (I can’t believe I forgot). If you are in the area or fancy a drive, I highly recommend stopping at Red Boat. Usually there is a queue around the corner, in fact, when I arrived the queue must have been 100 deep. So after some wondering around and picture taking it got to 15 minutes before closing and no queue which was perfect for me!


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