Colours of the world, Spice up your life,  Every boy and every girl, Spice up your life, People of the world,  Spice up your life, Aah,

So on Wednesday me and my beautiful sister went to watch the Spice Girls in Manchester, growing up we shared a bedroom but had two CD players in there because our music tastes were so different! And the two CD players and headphones would save hours of fighting, not to mention my sister would sing very badly and loudly, it drove me absolutely bonkers! To the point even now 20 years later if I can see she is about to break into song I have to the leave the room, because my 13 year old self still wants to rip my ears off! However one of the few bands we could agree on was the Spice Girls, we were obsessed with them, I wanted to be Ginger Spice and she wanted to be Sporty Spice we spent our pocket money on CD’s, stickers, magazines and the photographs (who remembers the Spice Girls photo album). So I spent a good two hours trying to get tickets to see them live! And my sister is the only person I wanted to see them with!

Because we rarely get enough time together we decided to make a day of it in Manchester with lots of food, a couple of cheeky drinks and of course Spice Girls t’shirts!

We shared starters in Dough in the Northern Quarter with a couple of cheeky drinks for good measure! We then headed to the Cosy Club for dessert, where I opted for the Chocolate Bombe, how delicious does this look! As the waiter arrived he asked if I wanted him to pour it so I could film it! We really are a generation of Instagrammers!

Its been 8 weeks since I left my job in Manchester to be closer to home and in those eight weeks it feels like the whole city has changed! That is what I love and miss about Manchester, it changes every week and if you aren’t quick to see it, it changes it. I really need to make more of an effort to go more often because I seriously miss it at times. I miss the people, the evenings with a glass of wine and the ever changing street art! It is so difficult to adjust to a new way of living, not sure if this is where I am going to stay in the long run but for now I need to get used to it! Anyway that got a little deep!

Before we knew it, it was time to head over to the Etihad stadium! Due to the typical Manchester weather it was raining! We decided to jump in a taxi, my hair was big enough, it didn’t need to be rained on to!

We may have gone over the top with our look! But we have waited 21 years for this and no one was going to stop us! Also it would seem I have a small forehead (the head jewels had to be cut up a bit to fit) and this flower crown is going to make a few more appearances this summer!

So how did it go, well guys I am glad I went but I wouldn’t go again! My inner 13 year old was over the moon the feminist in this 34 year old woman hated it! The best way to describe it was like watching your much older aunts getting drunk at a family party and embarrassing themselves. The worse bit was Mel B chasing the young male dancers around the stage, now if that was a male singer there would be outcry about it! Not to mention the section of Spice Boys and making them out to be the weaker sex, we want equality not to humiliate or over sexulise males. Honestly these are things that drive me crazy!

After bad mouthing my sisters singing you will have to seriously excuse my god damn horrific singing over the videos. Lets pretend the singing is coming from the woman next to me.

As for the sound problems, they were clear during Jess Glynnes performance was a little ropey and she spent most of it playing with her ear piece. As for the Spice Girls the sound got better as the night went on, lucky because it was driving me crazy at the start!

If I am honest, the concert didn’t get good until the last set! Clearly they were saving the best for last and hoping fans wouldn’t walk out! I feel like I am being a bit harsh here, I think I just really wanted to love it more than I did which was a little heartbreaking! But I did get to spend the whole day with my sister and she loved it!

And then it was over and we enjoyed the walk back to town in the rain with thousands of other people! Girl Power may not be dead but it certainly has moved on since we first met the Spice Girls! Unfortunately it would seem the Spice Girls haven’t moved on, think Posh made the right choice in staying home! Viva Forever!


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