“Style is the only thing you can’t buy. It’s not in a shopping bag, a label, or a price tag. It’s something reflected from our soul to the outside world—an emotion.”—Alber Elbaz

I can’t believe I am now two weeks into this, I have always loved the idea of sharing my fashion choices but usually decide against it or give up after a day! But here I am two weeks in, still going strong and loving it!

In case you missed last weeks post! But about two three weeks ago my sister convinced me to start up emmas_happy-wardrobe to show my daily looks! Not sure anyone but my sister is actually going to be interested but I have started to really enjoy it. I would describe my style as unsupervised 5 year old so the page is pretty damn colourful! Also I figured if I am already posting on Instagram I should really post on here! I rarely buy anything new or I should say full price. My normal buying is sale items and charity shops which makes dressing up and putting pieces together way more fun. So sorry if this isn’t your thing, you can skip this post if you like!

Look one, by fair my outfit with the most clashes! Its got it all going on! It has literally taken me 34 years to be confident enough to wear trousers with a print on them! But now I can’t get enough of them! SO I wear this outfit to work, I love it and luckily it doesn’t offend anyone in the office with its bright colours and clashing prints. Trousers are cropped and from New Look last year! T’shirt is a charity shop find, cost £1.50 and the cardigan is from Tu at Sainsburys, earlier this year!

Outfit two, probably one of my nearest outfits and one of my favourites! This is probably meant more for holidays but I wear it on a Saturday morning doing my food shop (yes I do get some very funny looks). I would say I haven’t braved wearing it to work yet, not sure they are ready for this level of colour yet! Skirt is from George at Asda (think they are still stocking it, £12.50). The vest is also from there and I have seen it still in there! its a double layed first time so I feel less exposed in it, also the cut at the top is wonderful and a bra is not needed! The cardigan is from Primark last year and I really really wish I had bought it in more colours!

Look three, Longer then it has taken me to wear patterned trousers, it has taken me even longer to wear trousers with my skirt or t’shirt tucked in. Between being stabbed and dramatic weight lose and gain it has left my stomach in a right mess, my stomach is the area where I lack confidence and can leave me in tears for hours at a time. I have the belly over hang which I am sure some of you have, I am trying to embrace it and same days are better then others, some days I don’t want to leave the dress. Now I am sure some of you think I am being pathetic and over reacting, well fuck you! I get so sick of people telling me to stop being stupid that I want to scream in their faces! Anyway I plan on writing a blog post about it so back to the outfit! This is a typical work outfit however I would throw on a pair of heels and wear it on a date or dinner out! Trousers were from the New Look sale at the end of last year! Hearts blouse was from a charity shop about three years ago!

Outfit four, possibly my favourite look although I am pretty sure I say that about every outfit I post! This I wore to work, I wouldn’t tend to wear a blouse outside of work, not sure why! Although if I had an after work date I would be happy to throw on a pair of heels and go for drinks in it! I wear all my blouse with the sleeves rolled up. Skirt is from Primark last year and the blouse was from George at Asda last year! I love the clashing colours and the flower prints almost match!

Look five, Olly approves of this outfit and I love it! Skirt is from Primark at the start of this year and the sweater is from Marks and Spencers, I went in the other day and I am pretty sure they still have it in! Its a very thin knit, perfect for the chilly rainy spring days! This was the first time I wore this combination and I love the pink with the green, definitely a colour combo I will be repeating!

Outfit six, so I love this ;look however I am not sure it really does much for my body shape! This outfit I wore to work again but you could 100% add heels and head out for after work drinks! The skirt I bought in Primark last year and have never worn it, once I got it home I wasn’t sure about the material, it is very shiny and if I am honest I felt it looked super cheap! Plus it turned out I had no top to wear with it that made it look better so its just been sat in my wardrobe waiting! Until two weeks ago when out shopping I spotted this top in the Primark sale bit for £2. Until I started documenting my clothes I didn’t realise how much stuff I actually had from Primark!

Look Seven was a pain in the arse to photograph, my least favourite images I just don’t think they show how pretty this outfit was! But after nearly 100 photos I gave up! The top and skirt were both from charity shops and the whole look cost less then £6. The white top had beautiful detailing around the neck, you can kinda see it on the right hand image! These pictures certainly didn’t show how stunning this skirt was! And guys it had bloody pockets!! It is mid calf with button details down the front! Next time I wear it, I might wear it with a more fitted top!


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