Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits. Thomas Jefferson

Feels like ages ago since I wrote about happiness, don’t worry I’m still always happy just that my life has taken over my life in a massive way! Mornings start early and nights end in the morning so having time to actually stop and look at how amazing my life is, is difficult. I think by now we all know that I feel so strongly about the little things making up an amazing life. We all know by now that happiness is something I am extremely passionate about. Happiness is one of those rare things that too many people chase, when really we all have the ability to be happy right now. Happiness can not be affected by what job you have, how big your house is or what kind of car you drive. Happiness comes from the small things that happen daily in our lives. It comes from the things we tell ourselves every day. We all have the ability to be ridiculously happy regardless of what circumstances we are in.

Don’t be wasting time waiting, waiting for the weekend, new job, bigger house or better car your happiness lays inside what you think of yourself, meeting with friends, kissing your partner or tucking your kids into bed at night. Your happiness is those small happy moments you don’t even think about, but actually together build your whole life. Here are some small happy moments from the last couple of weeks that have been making my world special.

I have been making new friends and staying out of the pub! I don’t care that I am a 34 year old woman, I bloody love bowling, in fact it could be one of my favourite things ever! Whats not to love about it?? ( although I have discovered that a lot of my friends have apparently grown out of it). So I met Emily a few weeks ago on Bumble BFF and she is a dream, so sweet and she likes bowling too! So we had a girly Friday night like teenagers, we bowled, played air hockey and drank slush puppies! And honestly it was the perfect way to spend a Friday night!

I have been spending extra time with my sister lately including a night of bonkers bingo featuring Ultrabeat! Yes ladies I spent an evening at Mecca bingo dancing to the early 00’s dance group Ultrabeat and it was as amazing as it sounds!! I didn’t drink (I am drinking less and less now, I would rather have a soft drink and wake up the next day feeling fresh and alive. Man I got old, young!) but I did dance the night away and won a tenner!! ME and my sister have very little in common as adults but we do love each other dearly and enjoy our time together, as I write this we are super excited because we are seeing the Spice Girls tomorrow!!

I have been seriously experimenting with my fashion choices! Despite the fact I am bigger than I have been in a long time, I am also the most confident I think I have ever been in my body! Sure I would change lots of things but over all, maybe because I am older I feel curvy and sexy! And that is being reflected in my clothing choices. I am wearing outfits that I wouldn’t have even dreamed of wearing 12 months ago and I am having a right ball experimenting with different looks, colours and patterns just wish I had done this ten years ago!

Every weekend is spent falling a little more in love with Wales! I have spent I don’t know how many of the last weekends exploring Wales, I have utterly fallen in with Wales, being by the sea smooths my soul and having the wind in my hair makes my heart skip! I honestly feel so lucky at the moment to be living the life I am. I fully understand my life isn’t like other peoples, I will probably never own a house, settle down or have children but I will also have adventures and a urge to see the world.

As well as spending some time at the seaside with my Papa Bear, my dad has been poorly for some time and with each passing month it is becoming more and more difficult for him to leave the house so time we do get together is precious even more so time when we can actually go out. He can only manage a couple of hours out at a time now. To me my dad is the man who would take me the seaside as a child and spend hours running around with us. It is breaking my heart watching losing the ability to do all the things he loved to do, it makes me more determined to live the fullest, happiest life possible!


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