“Stop worrying about whether you’re fat. You’re not fat. Or rather, you’re sometimes a little bit fat, but who gives a shit? There is nothing more boring and fruitless than a woman lamenting the fact her stomach is round. Feed yourself. Literally. The sort of people worthy of your love will love you more for this.” –Cheryl Strayed

Ok, so this challenge is so much much harder than I could have ever have imagined, who knew I hated exercise so much now?! If you are wondering “what challenge is she going on about” then you can catch up here!

However, I am committed and convinced that 30 days of fitness is going to help me get back into healthy habits and clear my unhealthy mood because honestly I am done with feeling this now! I had been in a little denial about how unfit I had become, however committing to actually doing exercise was the kick up the bottom I needed, that and the fact I am struggling to fit into last years clothes! Normally I would just say fuck it and buy bigger clothes but this is more about my actual fitness than what size I am or how much I weigh. When I gain weight I know its because I am not exercising and if I am not exercising then I am being lazy. But fitness is different for everyone, I am loving being more curvy then usually, I just want to make sure I am being active and moving those curves a little more!

Day One:- So the last time I did 30 days of fitness I tried lots of different activities, this time I wanted to do it as a way of starting an ongoing routine. My lifestyle has changed dramatically from 12 months ago and I am in a much better position and place mentally to start actually settling down and building a more consistent life now. I no longer commute, I am no longer working 12+ plus hours a day, I am able to cook every meal at home and I am able to actually make plans without having to cancel. During the last 30 day of fitness I was doing a lot of workouts at home because of missing classes or being exhausted so this is something very new to me. It is also much better for my mental health, having a routine will help me stick to it past day 30 so I am very happy.

So for day one I decided to download the Couch to 5k app, now I used to run a lot every day maybe even twice a day I became obsessed with it! But I would say its been a good two years since I last ran, I have tried a bit in that time but I have lost every bit of discipline and replaced it with detest for cardio. I figured the app would force me back into it and make it more interesting for me to get going again!

So day one I did the first run, meal prepped and stayed away from eating crap! And I felt perfectly fine!

Day Two:- So the couch to 5k app suggested having a days rest between each run but I decided to do day 2 anyway. So the run lasts 30 minutes so I have been doing the run then sending 30 minutes powering walking and at 6am the streets are nice and quiet which gives me time to get my head together before work and relax into the day! At my last job I would have to leave my house at 6am to commute now I can leave at 8.45 so I have gotten nearly three hours of my morning back! Which is the perfect time to exercise.

During day two I also went to a trade show for work which is way I did so many steps (I have added my fitbit states below, I find wearing a fitbit really useful I am very goal orientated so for me it works wonders). I can safely say by the end of day two I was utterly exhausted with very tired legs!

Day Three:- OK, this one was a hard one again I decided to do the couch to 5k app again without the recommended rest but I knew I wouldn’t be doing it over the weekend so wanted to make sure I got the first three runs in.

My alarm went off at 5am as normal, I then spent the next 45 minutes sitting at the end of my bed convincing myself to move. Anyone who has ever done a trade show will know how exhausting they are, not just the walking around but the forever talking and meeting people. The day before had completely killed me off I was both mentally and physically exhausted in a way you wouldn’t believe. Eventually, my mind won over my body and I left the house determined to get the run done and I can safely say it took all my mental power to do it, every couple of minutes I told myself I was going to quit! But I didn’t and I managed my 30-minute walk afterwards!

My beautiful friend Emily suggested we go bowling on Friday night to add exercise to my challenge instead of drinking or eating, can I just say how much I bloody love bowling we had an absolute blast, we bowled, giggled, played on the arcade machines and just acted like 15-year-olds again. I feel like bowling is massively underrated and to be honest I felt better for actually doing something!


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