“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” —Zig Ziglar


I think with every day that passes I become happier and happier with my life, my heart is filled with joy and I am surrounded daily with people that love me daily. I am able to go over and discover new places, I can afford a holiday or two a year and there is always food on my table. I really couldn’t ask for much more, sometimes I really feel like my heart may burst from happiness and at least twice a day I stop and smile about all the wonderful things I have.

It’s always easier to be grateful when things are going well, but it might be even more important to remember to be grateful on those particularly bumpy days. Gratitude has been shown to actually change the brain, making us happier and even bringing more positive things into our life. It has the ability to transform us as a person, making us kinder, happier and even healthier.



You woke up this morning, breathing and with a heartbeat. You get to enjoy today and hopefully wake up again tomorrow. You get to see your family and friends and enjoy food and life’s luxuries. It can sometimes be easy to forget to be grateful for the most basic thing: life itself. Your organs are working on loving you to keep you alive if being grateful today just means you were quiet while you listened to your heartbreak then that’s a pretty big thing to be grateful for.



Even if you suffer from one ailment or another, or even several, you most likely have at least several parts that are in good working order. If you are reading is then you have money for internet and therefore have money for medicine a luxury so many of us forget about.



How lucky are we to have parks and trees and rivers and trails and animals and mountains and hills and oceans? The outdoors is such a blessing and one for which we should always be grateful. Being outdoors helps you feel connected to every aspect of this earth — the ground, the sky and everything and every creature in between. Could you imagine a world with no seasons, no colour, no animals, no trips to the sea? It would be a pretty sad world, so take those trips, go on those walks and fill your lungs with fresh air.



Some people love ‘em, some don’t: families. If you’re one of those whose family loves and supports you, consider yourself lucky and be grateful. Feel thankful and express that gratefulness if you are lucky enough to have family who is more like friends: They’re people you can confide in and who will be there for you through thick and thin. Many people don’t have that kind of family, so be grateful. And remember to tell them how lucky you are.



You can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends. If you’ve chosen good ones, remember to be grateful for them and express your love and appreciation. Friends help you remember who you really are and who you can become. They remind you of what you want and need, as well as what you deserve. True friends are there through your best and darkest times. Appreciate that connection. Express your gratitude every chance you get. Your friends really do shape your life, where would you be without your friends?


Free Time

You may feel like you never have enough, but you should be grateful for what free time you do have. Free time lets you be you. You get to do your favourite things, no matter what those are. Free time allows you to sleep more, enjoy the outdoors, relax at home, garden, exercise — whatever you enjoy most. Be grateful that you get the opportunity to do the things you love.



Art makes life beautiful in and of itself. Just looking at a beautiful piece of artwork can help lower your blood pressure and reduce stress and anxiety. If you look closely, there is art all around you, you don’t have to be close to a museum to find it. Simply go for a walk where you live, chances are there is art all around you. Whether it is street art, a kids chalk drawing on the pavement or a beautifully designed building. Our lives are filled daily with art. The key is walking around with your eyes open and stopping from time to time to take it all in.


Next time life seems to be too much or you are just fed up take a look at all the wonderful things you have! Take five minutes to yourself and really think about the things and areas of your life that bring you joy. I know its easy to have a shitty day at work, fight with a friend or a boyfriend that just sits there while you cook dinner and it those moments it’s super easy to think about all the crappy things that are going on. But next time you feel a negative thought pop into your head, tell that thought to fuck off and concrete on the moments and people that make your life, yours! Those people that came and never left, days that turned into nights and friendship that turned into love. No one knows how long they have so don’t spend a single second not being grateful, wake up and be you, happy you!


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