“I enjoy art, architecture, museums, churches and temples; anything that gives me insight into the history and soul of the place I’m in. I can also be a beach bum – I like to laze in the shade of a palm tree with a good book or float in a warm sea at sundown.” Cherie Lunghi


Something that I discovered on this trip was the art of wandering, I very much struggle not to be a control freak and plan out every second of my day of which I had done for Barcelona. However, when I woke up on my final day to bright blue skies and a warm breeze I decided not to stick to my plan and enjoy a wander. One of the things I have learnt so far in 2019 is the joy in saying no and taking pleasure in pleasure which has led to some pretty wonderful days.


So I left my hotel and I strolled with no plan and no sense of direction which is not needed when you don’t have a destination. I wandered until I found a little cafe with tables outside for people watching and coffee under the morning sun. I also enjoyed a cheeky croissant whilst catching up on the news. I don’t think I looked at the time once, I ordered a second cup of coffee and just lazed under the sun t


Eventually I decided to stretch my legs and continue my wandering (of course with a take away coffee in hand).




One thing that I absolutely hate about the British winter is the time I am away from the ocean. As much as I love being near the sea I can’t take being wind battered at -5c, I can handle March-October at the beach but I really struggle with life for the five months I’m away from it. Ever since I was a small child I remember my dad going to the sea at times of stress, had decisions or just reflection. Whenever I ask him how he got through the hard times in life he just says “I sat in front of the sea and I just knew what to do”. Something that has stuck with me through my life and some of the best advice I have ever been given.


I am currently going through a change in my personal circumstances (sorry I can’t say what for another three weeks, but don’t worry there is a post coming soon) and it wasn’t until I sat the warm sand facing out to the sea that the impact of the change finally hit me. It hit me like an icey wave taking my breath away and forcing me to address my feelings and process the decision I have made. Although when I finally let it all out it was like I had realised it ready to be carried off into the sea.


I couldn’t think of a better description of Barceloneta Beach!!

Barceloneta beach is the high-school jock of beaches: loud, popular, and boisterous. Its version of a buff torso? A strip of sand that’s no less of a showoff; at one end, there’s the metallic, sail-like silhouette of the W Hotel, at the other, the blinding gold sculpture of a fish by starchitect Frank Gehry. When you’ve arrived at Barceloneta, you know it. If you’re looking for the whitest sand and the most azure waters, you won’t find them at here. It’s not a beautiful beach, but it’s convenient, chaotic , and must-see.


FYI the sea was bloody freezing!!!



When was the last time you spent a quiet moment just doing nothing – just sitting and looking at the sea, or watching the wind blowing the tree limbs, or waves rippling on a pond, a flickering candle or children playing in the park?” Ralph Marston




Eventually I was ready for more wandering and more coffee, I had nearly gone 90 minutes with out! So I just walked, stopping to help couples take pictures of their trip, take in the scenery and a cheeky lemon Fanta! Did you even go aboard if you don’t have too much Lemon Fanta!


Urban walking can be an act of exploration, exercise, political protest, practicality or discovery. There is no better way to get to know a city than to tread its streets, wander between the buildings and stroll aimlessly.

The Situationist International movement, founded in 1957 and spearheaded by French theorist Guy Debord, was based on the concept of “psychogeography” – the study of the emotional effects of physical environments. Their recommended psychogeographical walks, known as dérives (drifts), involved exploring the city by foot ruled only by your emotional mood and which direction it pulled you in. People have been going on, and writing about, psychogeographical walks ever since

Whether you stroll around your own city or explore others by foot, share your experiences of urban walking around the world. Does a wander through the streets soothe you – or induce stress? What have you unexpectedly discovered on city rambles? Have you used walking as an act of protest – or has a daydreaming stroll sparked creativity?





I used a palm tree to place my phone while taking a selfie. The results, I look super imposed on a pretty palm tree background! Not to mention my shoulders, what are my arms doing?!?! We won’t discuss the odd looks from the locals!


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