“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you feed yourself what your body needs when it needs it, that’s love. So give your body some TLC and sit down and enjoy a good, substantial breakfast.” Kathy Freston


Another day, another blog about me eating out with friends! I swear I do more than eat but I do love eating. Over the weekend myself, Aimie and our friend Ruth decided to have brunch at our local Hickories.

“Fanatical about flames; silly about smokers and utterly obsessed with the smells, tastes and traditions of the Deep South. Our smokin’ hot menu is available all day every day, from smokehouse classics including ribs, Texas style beef brisket, to steak and burgers.”

Amazingly they actually have vegan options on the menu! Although after a week of being very poorly I decided to opt for meat mainly because my body wanted it. This was actually the first bit of meat I had eaten this year and unsurprisingly it didn’t make me feel better. I am not going to beat myself up about it rather use the feeling to remind myself why I no longer eat meat!


Forever photographing! Luckily this wonderful lady doesn’t mind photographing me either, honestly, she deserves a medal. I am pretty sure one-day I am going to ask her to take one more picture and she will tell me where I can put my camera! But until that day….. 🙂

What  I ate

Magic dusted roast field mushroom, egg and cheese muffin as well as chicken Fried waffle. Buttermilk fried chicken, waffle, streaky bacon & maple syrup. Neither meal impressed me. I am not sure if its because we went for breakfast but I am certainly not in a hurry to go back anytime soon.


Ruth and Aimie <3 I love our monthly (I would like to say catch up) gossip!


Just because I actually love this picture despite my wobbly chin! So overall the meal was ok, the service was friendly. Not sure that it is anything more special than a pub at breakfast time. I could be being overly harsh as I have had some really good meals recently, I haven’t ruled Hickories out forever but at the moment I don’t think its for me. However, if you are a big meat eater, then Hickories is for you, the service is good. The food is reasonably priced and the atmosphere is pleasant.


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