“It’s easy to impress me. I don’t need a fancy party to be happy. Just good friends, good food, and good laughs. I’m happy. I’m satisfied. I’m content.” Maria Sharapova

Another day another post about friendship and food, but seriously how am not the size of a house, I ate out five times last week!! Although for the burgers in this post I’d be willing to become the size of a house, Frost Burgers is a new take on vegan fast food in the beautiful city of Liverpool. The next statement may be a bold one but I stand by it, these may be the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. Everything they serve is vegan-friendly and I am now halfway through the menu it’s safe to say they have stolen a little piece of my heart and added an extra couple of inches onto my waist.


So last weekend was the second time I had visited in the last three weeks and totally worth a 35 mile drive not to mention this time I managed to drag some friends along. I was halfway through the meal before I realised I haven’t taken any pictures, a complete rookie blogger mistake but I had been waiting all week to have another Frost Birger so totally forgivable right?!


So Frost blogger is owned and run by youtube and Instagram star Monami Frost. The vegan burger restaurant in Liverpool city centre. Frost Burgers’ menu offers four different types of vegan burger – Beef Free, Chicken Free, Fish Free and Falafel. If you head over to there Instagram page you will see why it’s worth the trip! The above burger is their beef-free burger and all vegan, I am always a little unsure when I see vegan cheese on anything because let’s face it, it can be seriously hit or miss! This time it was a hit, thank god! In fact, it tasted so much like real cheese I had to give it a sideways glance of suspicion!


So I was first there, one of my many flaws is that I am early to everything, it worries me that one day I’ll be early to my own funeral! So I thought I would grab a strawberry shake while I waited, one of the many minefields when becoming vegan is milk alternatives, it is also something that no one else can help you with it tends to be a personal preference. Personally, I love almond milk with my porridge oats but never in my coffee. I love hazelnut milk in my coffee but never in my tea. I have oat milk in my coffee but never in my porridge. As you can imagine my fridge is full of these milk alternatives and we never mention soya milk but I do actually prefer soya yoghurts to normal yoghurts and I have also just discovered soya custard!. When it comes to ice cream I would just rather have sorbet then dairy-free ice cream. I find when I’m following a vegan diet I’m much more fussy with my food choices which worries me about how much shit I was eating. So back to being first of us there I decided to order a strawberry milkshake, it was delicious and came with a paper straw which unfortunately didn’t last long!

The beef free burger had two burger patties with cheese in between, red onion, tomato, gherkins, lettuce, more cheese and sauce including a mustardy sauce. It was massive so I struggled to get a bite of everything (not saying it’s a bad thing it was massive but I had to do a lot of reconstructing every now and then to get all the bits back in the burger. I really liked the whole burger but it was very messy. Last time I visited I also had the Frost Bites which I think were alternatives to chicken nuggets! I am not sure what they used for the “chicken” but they reminded me of Bernand Matthews turkey drummers and if you never had them as a kid you childhood either sucked or you had a better cook of a mother then I did. Either way, they tasted delicious, currently just a side I would love to see them as a meal deal! I would seriously recommend this place, for more information check out their website Frost Burgers


Liverpool is quickly becoming a favourite city of mine it has a completely different feel to Manchester! Even Liverpool’s graffiti is vegan-friendly “Avocado is BAE”. I spent a lot of last year exploring Manchester, now its time to spend some time exploring Liverpool and all it has to offer! In fact, as this blog post goes live I will be spending the day in Liverpool exploring some more of the city while taking myself on a bit of a date day! So if I was you I would expect some serious Liverpool spam! I do find the people of Liverpool a lot friendly then Mancunians and from Liverpool, you are only 20 minutes away from the beach!  OK, this summer is going to be seriously Liverpool based, plus it means I get to spend more time with these beautiful ladies! Seems like an all-round win!

If you have any recommendations for places to visit, to stay or to see in Liverpool, let me know, please! I am looking forward to getting up close and personal with Liverpool!


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