“If you look to others for fulfilment, you will never be fulfilled. If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the world belongs to you.” Lao Tzu

So we all know how incredibly passionate I am about happiness and accepting what we have because I can tell you if you woke in a clean bed, had a hot shower this morning before having your breakfast you are already richer than most. Yet we all take that for granted, we take for granted not just hot running water but clean drinking water. Next time you go to complain about not having the best car, job or most expensive holiday booked. Stop because sure that all sounds bloody lovely but if you are already complaining about them they won’t make your life any happier at the very most you will have a short burst of happiness before reverting back to your sad self!


Happiness begins with acceptance – acceptance of what was, acceptance of what is, and acceptance of what will and/or might be. By accepting, embracing and making peace with yourself, your life and the world around you, not only do you become a lot happier and more at peace, but you will also make room in your life for something better to emerge. Happiness is about forgiving yourself for all your so-called mistakes and failures. It’s about making peace with all your flaws and all your imperfections and accepting yourself just as you are. The more you learn to express your gratitude and appreciation for every experience, every interaction and every little thing that life sends your way, the happier you will become and the better your life will get.

Each of us probably has our own list and together we could make one huge one, but in the meantime do you agree with these statements about happiness, which life gives us in small but delicious portions?

  • Waking up at midnight and looking at the clock to see there are still five hours until you have to get up. And there is no greater pleasure than being able to enjoy a dream. Dreams bring well-being to our body and mind.
  • Eating a brownie while being kissed on the cheek. Chocolate and kisses… What could be better than that? Pure endorphins.
  • Feeling the embrace of that little child you love so much. Children have an infinite capacity to make us feel loved and therefore happy. Feel the embrace of that child who you love so much and always keep that moment forever in your heart.
  • Watch your favourite movie with candy, chocolates and popcorn. Movies distract us, we evade our reality which is sometimes ugly. When you’re in one of those moments, put on a movie. A simple way to have a little bit of happiness.
  • Nonstop laughter from a joke. Laughing is so healthy! Laugh out loud, you’ll see how happiness fills you up and your immune system improves! Laughter is a good ally of happiness and therefore of health.
  • Doing what you love most without being in a hurry or stressed: cooking, going for walk, cycling or skating. Why do we have to be stressed even during moments of relaxation
  • Feeling a heartfelt hug. Is there anything healthier, more honest and that fills us with greater happiness than a simple hug? Hugs are a great source of transmitting emotions and pleasurable sensations.


  • Listening to your favourite music blasting. Music is a great remedy for the soul. It is shown that music can arouse the endorphins of happiness. Enjoy the music.
  • Spending time with friends. Being around others as long as they are people who are positive and good for us helps us to endure hard times.

The moral of the story…Don’t you think that happiness is much closer to you than you thought? Whatever you propose is enough. Look and enjoy those little moments that make you feel so good… Learn to be happy!






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