“I have learned that friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest, it’s about who came and never left your side.” Yolanda Hadid


Sometimes all you need is a girlie catch up with your best friend over a glass of wine and some food, In this case, vegan food. Me and Aimee went to a local restaurant for their monthly vegan evening to sample the menu.


For starters we shared a cheese and bread platter, now ladies and gentleman I was vegan for five years from 2005, back before it was cool to be vegan. Back when there were very little vegan options. I still remember going out to eat and asking what the vegan option was and being told “just don’t be vegan”, yup could you imagine someone saying that now!


After that memory, my next vegan memory is the taste of vegan cheese. At the time there were like two options of cheese on the market and they both tasted of crap! I remember trying them and throwing up instantly, I am pretty sure it damaged my tastebuds and burnt the memory into my brain. 13 years later (god I am old)  vegan cheese still tastes like crap. I am sorry but who is eating this stuff, the platter had five different kinds of cheese, each one tasting worse than the last!


For my main course, I opted for the super green pizza which really looked green and probably had more vegetables on it then I have eaten in the last month. However one thing that has not left me from childhood is my eyes being bigger than I belly, so I actually only ate one slice and boxed the rest up for my breakfast.


Despite being so full I could barely move a third course still happened! Well, I did go out to try as much vegan food as possible. We opted to share a slice of cherry and almond cake with custard, how is it that vegan cake tastes better than normal cake but no one can figure out the cheese. This post has reminded me how much I hate vegan cheese but love vegan cake, even the custard tasted delicious.

The whole evening (except the cheese) was delicious and the company was as beautiful as ever!



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