It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” ~ Norman Vincent


So I live in a town that isn’t exactly exciting, the only thing we are known for is our train station and football team in the lower league. But it is a town that tries and God loves a trier! In the last 18 months, the local council must of either employed a breath of fresh air or found some buried treasure because our local events, dare I say it have been good! Well good in the memory of events I have been to in the last 34 years.


So last Friday was our Christmas light switch on and I really do try and get excited and become part of the community but over the years it has been a real struggle but not this year. This year I walked into the town centre and was more than pleasantly surprised by the sea of neon lights that greeted me. Now when I am excited there is only one way describe me and that is a cross between a puppy and a toddler that has had chocolate for the first time.


I practically run full speed into the centre of a giant lantern, I touched, selfied and stood in absolute delight at all the pretty lights. The surprise of the whole evening just made me so happy, have you ever noticed that there are just some things despite the fact that we know how the work amaze us anyway. Rainbows, stars, fireworks, neon lights all pretty simple things but have the power to leave us amazed. I mean these were paper lanterns and they left me in total awe about how pretty the world is, I realise this might make me seem a little odd but it is also one of my favourite things about it and I hope never to lose it.


One of the reasons I am not in a hurry to live the Crewe is these two! That look my niece has seems to be reserved just for me! I am pretty sure she is plotting my death. I am not even kidding, when she stares at me it makes me so uncomfortable, my end game is to win her over with expensive gifts and shower her in bribes. She is now at that age where is wants to walk everywhere but gets tired after a bit so the pushchair is needed but hated by her more than I am! so there wasn’t a lot of smiles!


One of my favourite parts of the night, after eating my weight in van foods and the out of this world drum group (first picture in this post) was the light show on the Town Hall. The story was of a man pursuing a woman who turned everything to ice set in Victorian Crewe. Looked a lot better then I described, although I have no idea what it had to do with Christmas or why that was the story chosen but it was pretty.


The light show was beautiful although I am still massively unsure about why she kept turning everything to ice, it was meant to be a Victorian love story. The only way to tell it was victorian was his braces and flat cap! However, one nice thing about the event is that the light show is being played every evening until Christmas and I have already been back a couple of times to watch it. I literally live a 3 minute walk away so I take a cup of coffee and just watch it. There is something more beautiful about watching it alone.


The second the light show ended the masses of people just seemed to disappear in seconds leaving me able to skip around like I just didn’t care! It also meant that I had all the lanterns pretty much to myself. So as normal sorry for the excess amount of pictures but since you weren’t able to be there I thought I would share the magic with you, although judging from the speed the entire town left the square I was the only one to think so.


But I wasn’t kidding about the skipping, sometimes it is like I have never seen something before, I must have looked freakin nuts but I was happy and that is the end game!


Found this little cheap hidden in a bush.


I didn’t notice at the time but looking at this pretty now it’s a little scary! For starters where the heck are their eyes! Why do the two little deers look scared of the big one? How can something without eyes look scared? Not to mention the GIANT woodpecker (may not be a woodpecker just for full disclosure I know nothing about birds). Right, I have far too much time on my hands!


I had such a lovely evening and ate way too much (story of my life) freezing my balls off I headed home for a hot chocolate and a night curled up with a book. With the end of the year coming at record-breaking speed now I have found myself reflecting so much on the last 12 months and getting excited for the next 12. So I won’t be partying through December, instead, I will be putting this year to bed and making plans for the next and honestly, I couldn’t be happier.



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