If you have no idea what 80 days of summer is all about, then where have you been!? Don’t worry you can catch up here. But basically for 80 days, I am going to make sure I do something every single day that makes the most of summer, some things will be new some won’t. This challenge is to show that life is really made for living, no excuses, no wasting days! Just happiness every single day.


Day 62

On day 62 I was having an awful day, one of those days where literally nothing right despite a positive start, by 3pm I was in bed hiding under my duvets and tears streaming down my face. My life is amazing and filled with happiness but I am not a robot there are times I am sad and times I cry for no reason whatsoever.  However, on this day I had lots of reasons to cry and as a testament to how much I am truly loved my friend Aimee was having none of it and insisted that I get my butt around for a cup of tea and puppy cuddles. I am yet to find any problem that cannot be fixed by a cup of tea and a friend to listen to it. I stayed only an hour and left feeling on top of the world once more. This year I have put so much more effort into my friendships and meeting new friends and honestly, I couldn’t ever imagine not having a single one of my friends in my life now.


Day 63

I decided to take my niece out for the day and have a little girly time while my sister moved house. My sister and niece are just starting a new adventure together and I thought having my niece would be loads easier than moving furniture, how wrong I was. Did you know when there is a child involved you can spend 6 hours at an ice farm??? No neither did I but turns out you can do it easily. Alisa doesn’t usually have sugar unless she is with me, she only has water and milk to drink and snacks on vegetables. However, when she is with me we always have an ice cream, well I have to get cool aunty points where I can and sugar is the best bribe.


It took a good hour but I eventually got a smile from Alisa and lots of kisses, she totally melts my heart. I decided a bit ago that children weren’t for me, in fact, I have probably known my whole life and now having my niece is really all I need. She is my little ray of sunshine that I can spoil but can give back at the end of the day.


Part of our 6-hour adventure involved 2 and a half hours in soft play, Now this is hell on earth for me, Alisa is cool AF but I am not a fan of other kids/babies they are just so loud and sticky! But Alisa was having THE time of her life and to be fair I was having fun with her, it’s been amazing to get to see her grow up. Every week she is doing something new, she walks everywhere now, pulls everything out of cupboards and off shelves. She is definitely developing her own little personality. She is an absolute joy except for when she is tired then shes crazy like her mummy.


“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” Unknown


“You are my niece, which gives you the official right to ask me for treats without feeling guilty. I am your aunt, which gives me the official right to spoil you without taking responsibility. How perfect.” unknown


Can I just point out that I only had Alisa for 6 hours and in those 6 hours I seemed to develop bags under my eyes, lost all my make up and was covered head to do in either ice cream or juice. Honestly, I have no idea how parents do this, I spent half the day wishing for a bottle of wine to magically appear!


Then eventually there was some quiet time, I literally curled up on the floor in the play centre, popped Alisa on my chest to sleep and managed to catch up on some work emails. I really have no idea how you all do it, it’s like a mystery. I love Alisa more than life itself but give me 16 hour work days over parenthood any day of the week because that shit is hard as hell!


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