“The ocean makes me feel really small and it makes me put my whole life into perspective… it humbles you and makes you feel almost like you’ve been baptized. I feel born again when I get out of the ocean.” – Beyoncé Knowles


If you have no idea what 80 days of summer is all about, then where have you been!? Don’t worry you can catch up here. But basically for 80 days, I am going to make sure I do something every single day that makes the most of summer, some things will be new some won’t. This challenge is to show that life is really made for living, no excuses, no wasting days! Just happiness every single day.


One evening a couple of weeks ago, after what felt like the longest work day I decided a trip to the beach was needed. Now baring in mind I work in Manchester, it’s hard to believe that there is a beach worth driving to in the evening. However, Formby is just an hour away and if you only had an hour spare it is totally worth the trip!


This was my first time visiting Formby and I was not quite sure what to expect, Formby’s main attraction is that there are no ‘attractions’ there at all. None of the man-made variety anyway. No bright lights or seaside souvenir shops. Just pure, natural, unspoilt beauty. When I pulled up after a mere 50 minutes in the car I was surprised to find that a solitary ice cream van in the car park, a wooden boardwalk through the sand dunes and a lifeguard’s hut on the beach.


By far the most impressive part of Formby beach was its sunset. Now that the days are getting shorter and shorter I am super excited to catch a glimpse of as many sunsets as humanly possible before it just dark when I walk out of work. So I have two weeks left of this challenge and I plan on squeezing in as many beach sunsets as I can before my life becomes all about the sunrises!


In the space of about twenty minutes, the sky provided me with the most colourful, intense light show, which showcased every colour of the rainbow. But naturally I went for a paddle in the sea first, I have literally spent more time in the sea this summer than I have done my entire life. Something about swimming in the sea surrounding the UK had always put me off, however, I am already on a countdown for next summer and spending as many hours as possible visiting and swimming at as many beaches as I can.


As totally normal I took way too many pictures and as normal struggled to edit them down any further than I have done. But on this occassion, I don’t think it will be a problem at all. My advice to you in the next week is get your cute little butts down the nearest beach and enjoy watching the sunset. Most things can wait, you certainly don’t need to miss any sunsets to rush home and get the dinner ready, put a load of washing in or hoover. They can wait, we are only about a month away from walking out of work into darkness so make the most of the last few summer evenings and make some memories that do not involve checking emails or doing housework.


“Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under.” – C. JoyBell C


“Sunset is still my favourite colour, and rainbow is second.” Mattie Stepanek


“Enjoy the beauty of a sunset nature’s farewell kiss for the night.” Sharon Rene



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