Summer is the time when one sheds one’s tensions with one’s clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all’s right with the world.

Ada Louise Huxtable


This duck (is it a duck?) was as angry as it looked!

If you have no idea what 80 days of summer is all about, then where have you been!? Don’t worry you can catch up here. But basically for 80 days, I am going to make sure I do something every single day that makes the most of summer, some things will be new some won’t. This challenge is to show that life is really made for living, no excuses, no wasting days! Just happiness every single day!


I freaking love this woman with her little plastic hat!

So I have been talking about going fruit picking for donkey’s years but never have been able to get around to it, which is sad because there are so many places near me to it. I felt that 80 days of summer would be the perfect time to actually finally get my arse to the farm.


I would just like to take a minute to say that this dress was from Primark and I think it cost £15 a couple of weeks ago. Its so bloody pretty but try it on before you leave as I swear Primark sizes are getting worse. On the one trip I got a size 10 skirt and a size 18 dress both fit perfectly!


I hard is it to pick strawberries without eating them? Which I really tried to do, this was a little family run home and every penny matters but I might have eaten a couple of strawberries on my way round!



Sarah is an absolute beauty and one of the first people I met my marriage broke down and I moved, bless her I decided we had to be friends and 6 years later she is still stuck with me! Luckily she was new to the area and didn’t know anyone so she was happy to settle for me!


I am pretty sure this was the last sunny day we had! I am totally missing summer already! I was seriously praying for the sunshine to last all the way to the end of September! Fingers crossed it comes back and if it doesn’t, man what a summer we have had!


Growing up my grandparents had the most incredible garden, filled with fruit and vegetable patches, I have lovely memories of laying the grass under the blackberry bushes eating as many berries as I could reach. All my summers were spent eating my way around their garden. I don’t know why but this summer I have thought about my gran so much, she passed away four years ago. I think I just wish she was here to tell me boys are stupid and she is proud of everything I am doing.


So I picked lots of fruit which I was super excited about and then put it in my fridge and forgot all about it for a week. I don’t know whats worse that I wasted all those delicious berries or I can go a week at a time without looking in my fridge!!



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