“The strong bond of friendship is not always a balanced equation; friendship is not always about giving and taking in equal shares. Instead, friendship is grounded in a feeling that you know exactly who will be there for you when you need something, no matter what or when.” Simon Sinek


So a couple of months ago I won a spa weekend for two from work, to stay at the Titanic Spa in Huddersfield. The second I won I knew there was only one person in the world that I wanted to take. Poor Aimee has been my rock the last few months while I got over my break up, the poor woman has listened to me moan for the last three months and never complained once, not a single time. That kind of love you can never pay back, so I wanted to take Aimee as a way of saying thank you, thank you for listening to me go on and on. And thank you for being an amazing friend, it means the world to me to have you in my life.


We arrived at the spa ready for a day of relaxation, poor Aimee once again had her work cut out for her. I literally haven’t rested since 2008, and recently in a bid to distract myself, I have upped my workload ten folds. Which Aimee tells me off daily for but I actually love being busy and struggle with relaxing and doing nothing. As you can tell from how rough I look in the above picture, seriously I thought I would be glowing from the spa, instead I look more tired then I arrived.  We spent the morning in the Heat experience and although I probably could have taken pictures, I just wanted to actually switch off for a couple of hours, which isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Although we were only away for one-night holiday mood well and truly set in which means wine for dinner. This was my first spa experience, I was slightly worried and been put off in the past with worry that people who visited spas wouldn’t be friendly and I would look out of place. Honestly, this could have been the best spa experience ever!! The staff were amazing, helpful and friendly and the guests were all chatty and happy. Also, the number of guests to visit the spa must be restricted as we visited on a weekend and it didn’t feel overcrowded or packed out by day spa-goers. Which again after being worried about visiting for the first time was truly perfect, by lunchtime I was wondering if I could financially afford to visit weekly, turns out I couldn’t but a nice dream anyway.

Meals were included in our stay for lunch it involved a welcome drink (soft drink) and one course. We did buy extra food which was so well priced, in fact, I expected to pay twice the amount we did! Not only was the food cheap but some of the best food I have eaten in a long time. the food tasted freshly produced. Sorry that I don’t actually know for sure but I did see on the menu that there was a lot of locally produced ingredients. For lunch, we both had prawn linguine and I would bet my hard earned money that the pasta was homemade, if not the chef deserves a promotion. We also had hummus and pitta bread to share, now the hummus was definitely homemade, and I wouldn’t believe anyone who said otherwise. Back to prices, I have paid dozens of times over £5 for hummus and bread in restaurants and literally been given shop bought stuff, at the Titanic Spa it cost £2.50 and again really sure homemade. Feeling a little tipsy from wine and satisfyingly full we headed back outside.


What better way to cool off from the afternoon sun than sitting in a hot tub drinking wine! It really felt like being on holiday aboard, I must have stayed in the hot tub for an hour, I wasn’t sure I was ever actually going to leave. I am already thinking about how I can add hot tub time into my daily life!

After all the excitement we decided to visit the relaxation lounge and before I say any more, you should know that this room changed my life! Literally, just a room filled with bean bags, soothing music and soft lighting, me and Aimee found a beanbag corner and curled up for a little snooze (I set my alarm for an hour). At first, it felt a little odd as the room was filled with people sleeping wrapped around each other but actually as soon as  I lay down, I fully got it. I fell asleep instantly, my alarm an hour later couldn’t even get me to move, it took another 45 minutes before I could even think of moving. Possibly the best sleep I have ever had! I can only imagine that emerging from those bean bags felt like being born.

Slightly dazed and confused from such a deep sleep we headed on up to check out our room! The room which is more like an apartment was actually bigger then some of the flats I have been viewing recently. Literally, if someone could please recreate these in Manchester and put them up for rent that would be perfect, thank you!

“I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun.” Charles R. Swindoll

We cracked open a bottle of wine and got ready for dinner, now we had very grown-up plans of a cocktail, dinner and back to the room for a DVD and face mask. Very grown up indeed, however, not quite the way the evening panned out!

The hotel bar was stunning, again good prices a pornstar martini was £8 about the same if not a little bit less then I would pay in Manchester for a cocktail. It was also my first ever pornstar martini and the first of many. Luckily the bar was pretty empty when we arrived, we only had the bar staff there to giggle at us as we had our little photo shoot. I am really lucky that Aimee didn’t throw my phone at my head!

Our stay included a two-course dinner which was some of the best food I have eaten in a long time. From the late afternoon, the hotel had the most incredible smells of pork (I do love food) and I had hoped that pork was on the menu for most of the day! I was not disappointed I ordered the most sensational pork belly for my main and scallops for my starter. The food here was truly amazing and delicious, in fact, I would say that I would visit just for dinner if that was possible.

After dinner we decided to have one more cocktail before heading back to our room, however, this is where our plans changed. One cocktail turned to 6 cocktails, we meet some other women and ordered more cocktails, not the night we planned on but a perfect night none the less. eventually very drunk we headed up to our room to go and pass out! Maybe not the best thing to do at a spa, since we were meant to be relaxing but was 100% worth it!

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, I got the rest I desperately needed and got to spend some time repaying Aimee, who still got to hear me moan all weekend! I am already planning my next spa weekend but honestly, I could get used to that life!


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