“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”- F.Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby


If you have no idea what 80 days of summer is all about, then where have you been!? Don’t worry you can catch up here. But basically for 80 days, I am going to make sure I do something every single day that makes the most of summer, some things will be new some won’t. This challenge is to show that life is really made for living, no excuses, no wasting days! Just happiness every single day!

Last weekend I ended up having such a family-based weekend, which never ever happens, ever! After spending the Saturday with my grandad, dad and brother I spent the Sunday with my niece, nephew and brother. It was such a lovely weekend for me, possibly because it doesn’t happen very often!


Can you all believe that my little niece is already 14 months old, seems like just yesterday she came into the world and now she’s walking and talking a little bit too. Also those eyes! you can never say no to her! My sister and her partner both had work comments so I jumped at the chance to step in and spend the day with both children, but I am not stupid enough to do it alone so I called in my brother for reinforcement!


Wouldn’t this picture be lovely if both children weren’t looking at the telly! Oh well, can’t win them all.


Not wanting them to be indoors all day we headed to the park for the afternoon! Don’t worry I applied sun lotion on both and packed lots of water and a parasol. It’s like moving a small village when taking these two out, who knew they needed even more stuff when it’s hot!


Me and Alisa sat in the shade watching the world go by whilst doing some walking and waving at every single person that went by. My poor brother, on the other hand, was stuck with playground duties! I definitely got the easier of the two jobs.


After an afternoon in the park and me feeling exhausted from playing all day my brother treated us all to dinner. Turns out Alisa doesn’t like sausages but does love peas! We had to order a side of peas. She is also doing baby led weaning so meal times get messy pretty quick, luckily the staff were super nice about it.


Its safe to say after a day with these two monkies I was utterly exhausted and ready for an early night! The second my head hit the pillow I was fast asleep until morning, I am pretty sure I will never be ready for children, very much just planning on being cool aunty Emma.


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