“The bath was Roman and quite unlike anything Julian had ever seen before. At first he was struck by the imposing columns all around the rectangular pool. Each column was linked to the next by a perfect archway and the curved ceiling was inlaid with gold. The water itself was as blue as glacier run-off, and he wondered if it was also mineralized. The stone was cold beneath his bare feet and he shivered a little in his swim shorts, but at least he wasn’t expected to bath naked as they did in ancient Rome.”

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By far my favorite memory of Bath was visiting the Roman Baths no matter how beautiful you think the images are of these historic baths nothing can quite prepare you for there actual beauty. Known for there healing properties, the second you walk beside the water you are whisked over to another time and place.

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Heres the geeky bit!

“Constructed in around 70AD as a grand bathing and socialising complex, the Roman Baths is one of the best-preserved Roman remains in the world, where 1,170,000 litres of steaming spring water, reaching 46°C, still fills the bathing site every single day. ”


“The Roman Baths is the site of extensive ruins and an interactive museum filled with many treasures and visual snippets that transport you back to Roman times and the lives of the Aquae Sulis people. Walk on ancient pavements as the Romans did 2,000 years ago, and explore ancient chambers historically housing changing rooms and tepid plunge pools.”

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So as normal I have posted way too many pictures but honestly there is no way to do the Roman Baths justice, even if I posted 1000 pictures! (Don’t worry I’ve not this time!). I am super happy I decided to visit, still just a little sad that you can’t actually bath in them though.



Two second before this picture I literally lost my footing and fell in, which would have been so embarrassing! It was bad enough that people saw me fall in!! Lucky I just carried on acting like I want the biggest loser in the world!



Are you even a blogger if you don’t take a hundred selfies next to the water? I mean really! But kidding aside the water felt amazing (I had a cheeky had dip) even just being sat next to it, you could feel the heat.



I walked around the terrace, which overlooks the waters of the Great Bath. The water you see in this bath comes from nearby Mendip Hills and travels through layers of limestone before gurgling up at the spring.




By now you have seen Baths Roman Baths from every single angle, your welcome by the way lol!




I highly recommend visiting the Baths either first thing or a couple of hours before closing, at least a couple of hours as its easy to get lost in all the beauty and information. I actually stayed for 3 and a half hours and I could have easily stayed longer!



After your exploration, you can take a sip of the spa water in the Pump Room containing 43 minerals, which for centuries has attracted visitors to Bath for curative purposes. After tasting the water I certainly did not feel healed which salty in the mouth!



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