As I said in yesterdays blog posts, one of the reasons I visited Bath other than it being on my bucket list was to meet a lady I have been talking to on Instagram. Over the past four years, I have met so many people that started with a chat on social media, I am pretty lucky that I am one of those people who will literally stop and chat to anyone.

As long as you are super safe I highly recommend meeting people you speak to online because honestly, I have met some totally incredible women from what has all begun by just starting a conversation under a picture or status. But please stay safe, only meet in public places, let people know where and when and always leave if you are feeling uneasy or uncomfortable nothing is worth your safety.


So I started talking to Emma on Instagram, we have been following each other for years now! Every now and again we would have a little chat on there. So when I decided to visit Bath I knew I couldn’t miss the chance to actually meet her! My first day in Bath Emma took the day off work with her daughter Grace to show me the sites of Bath from a locals point of view and of course to eat! As soon as we met we all mentioned food and I knew we would have no problems getting along!


The circus is a beautiful circular row (are they a row if they are in a circle?) of homes in the centre of the city, apparently if you stand in the centre and clap it echoes around the circle. Just so you know this is true and not apparently because I must have driven the residents absolutely bonkers. I was stood there clapping like a seal for a good five minutes totally entertained. This is something I would never have known or tried if it wasn’t for Emma and Grace showing me around.


Of course, you can’t visit Bath without taking a peek at the Royal Crescent, which I have to say is rather impressive in real life.


Talk about a room with a view!! How pretty is the view, to be honest, there is not an ugly view!


Are you even a blogger if you don’t find a beautiful house to pose in front of like it’s your own! And naturally, if I was going to live anywhere it would be on the royal crescent! Which after visiting I now understand what all the fuss is about! #housegoals right there! However how bloody awkward do I look! Will definitely have to work on this pose for future pretending it’s my house pictures!


During the afternoon we visited the Victoria Art Gallery where there was a celebration of flowers by Kaffe Fassett with Candace Bahouthm, ok so I wasn’t meant to take pictures so sorry if you are an artist but how could I not when the work is so pretty! The rebel in me got into all kinds of poses so I could take a couple of cheeky shots while the ticket lady was looking the other way, sorry again if you are an artist!

I am totally going to try and recreate this mirror at home! How dreamy is it???!!!!



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