“The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.”

Ashley Montagu

There hasn’t been a single day in last six months that I have not been happy, yes there have been days I’ve cried and cried but at some point, during the day I have been happy and thankful for the people who take me into their arms and wipe my tears away. And no matter what, things could always be worse, chances are they could be a lot worse so next time you are having a mad, bad or angry day, take five minutes away from everything and everyone and remember all the ways in which you are truly blessed. Look for the small happy moments you experience daily, weekly or monthly those happy moments that put a smile on your face and make your heart feel warm and fuzzy because those are the moments that really matter.

Don’t be wasting time waiting, waiting for the weekend, new job, bigger house or better car your happiness lays inside what you think of yourself, meeting with friends, kissing your partner or tucking your kids into bed at night. Your happiness is those small happy moments you don’t even think about, but actually together build your whole life. Here are some small happy moments from the last couple of weeks that have been making my world special.


I have been learning to love myself, flaws and all. I have been learning to love myself inside and outside. I have never been a big wearer of makeup or latest fashion trends but have always done enough to get me by. Now I have been opting for makeup-free days but in a way that doesn’t look like I don’t care. I am happy to improve my confidence by wearing less and less because I am just as beautiful without it, and don’t think I should be judged on how I look. I will always make an effort but does how much eyeliner I wear really show anything about me. This is a very personal choice and people wear it for many different reasons but for me, I wanted to strip it away and just be more bare-faced. I have also been trying to wear my glasses more because honestly, I have the lowest self-esteem while I have them on, think years of being called four eyes. As I grow older I embrace more of how I look, I have been through a lot, been on adventures and now I am starting to notice new lines almost daily and actually instead of trying to hide them, I am embracing them. After all, every line is just a line to show how well I have lived and that growing older is something that should be embraced not hidden.


At the end of May, my beautiful niece turned one! Where the whole has the last year gone! I mean really, it feels like any yesterday that I watched her being born now she is one-year-old walking and talking! For her birthday family and friends spent the day at a local ice cream farm, not going to lie a weekend at a family place is my idea of hell! My niece is the coolest little person in the world, the 200 plus other kids were not! Not that I hate kids but that’s not the way my life has gone and can’t see it going so as you can imagine that many screaming kids not fun! However, I was there to celebrate with my family, which I did and ate a lot of ice cream! Did I mention that my niece is the coolest person in the world, already she is just like her mum and now is really starting to develop her own little personality. I don’t get to spend half as much time with her as I would like so days with her are the most special. Not to mention I am taking enough pictures to embarrass her for the rest of her life!


I have been on a few dates and those few dates have made me realize not only am I not ready to date but also I don’t want to date! In fact, I am one bad date away from swearing off men altogether! The happiness side all this is that I have actually been going on dates there have been times when I thought about just giving up altogether and just cutting myself off from the idea of love. But I love being in love, I love having that person in my life, I still miss Alex lots ( its only been three months ) and I have realized that actually, I need a lot longer to get over that. To protect not only my happiness but the heart of a stranger too I am officially off the dating market, all apps have been deleted, numbers deleted. Going forward it’s just me and I am ok with that, would just like that missing him feeling to end now!


My hairdresser Lee has been my hairdresser on and off for the last ten years, by far my longest male relationship! Which is seriously depressing! After ten years I have finally managed to crack him and now at the point where I tell him everything, he has listened to me moan about boys for years now. Any time I get to spend with him just cracks me up! He is the most honest man I know and will tell me straight to my face, plus every woman needs an amazing hairdresser that they can bitch to. Just recently our friendship has actually developed into a real friendship and just another amazing person in my life!


I am trying my hardest to spend as much free time working and building my female relationship because honestly I would be absolutely lost without all the strong women in my life. There isn’t a woman in the world that I would rather have a glass of wine and be goofy with than Sarah. Literally forced her to be my friend five years ago and she has been stuck ever since we both moved into the same house share five years ago and have drunk wine together ever since. Not to mention between us we have been on every kind of bad date imaginable so there is always something to laugh about.



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