FITNESS 30 – DAYS 23-28

“For me, fitness is not just about hitting the gym; it is also about an inner happiness and an overall well-being”. Rakul Preet Singh

Ok, so this challenge is so much much harder than I could have ever have imagined, who knew I hated exercise so much now?! If you are wondering “what challenge is she going on about” then you can catch up here.   

I can safely say that its nowhere near as fun as 40 new things in 40 days although I am learning a lot about myself so swings and roundabouts I guess. Anyway, I am rambling now, so here are the next few days………..


Day 23:

I went for a walk in the countryside on one of those lovely summer days when time doesn’t matter and you are just able to enjoy some alone time. Turns out I must love my alone time because before I knew it I had clocked up 13 miles walking, it has been a long time since I have walked that far! But I felt amazing afterward, a little tired but amazing both physically and mentally!


Day 24:

After all, the walking the day before I opted to go to a yoga class the following night, although it was the same teacher as a few weeks ago and I find her classes so uncomfortable. It literally pains me to do her classes for a whole hour! I have no idea why I do it to myself, oh wait yes I do she is the closest class to my house! Which really isn’t a very good excuse! If I ever say I am doing one of her classes again, punch me in the arm. I am sure her classes are good but they are just not for me!


Day 25:

I actually finished work on time, feeling good I headed to the gym and was able to get in a full 90-minute workout, by the time I finished I couldn’t believe I lasted so long. It is sessions like this that remind me just how much I used to love the gym, I used to only work part time so could literally go twice a day. It is so true that if you really want to get into fitness you have to live and breathe it, I used to be utterly obsessed. Sometimes I wish I had that body back although I am happy to have my life back too, the struggle is real!


Day 26:

During this challenge I have been making a point to get some early nights in, I have been so seriously busy that I barely sleep which is ok for now but in the long run I know will affect my health. So on day 26, I put new bedsheets on, had a hot bath and went bed at 8pm. This felt like one of lives biggest luxuries.


Day 27:

After a long workday, I had a first date, knowing I wouldn’t be able to fit any exercise in I decided to do something slightly different for the challenge. During my night out I only drank water. Now for most of you, this might be normal, but honestly, I am lucky if I drink a litre a week! In fact, I don’t drink much of anything and can go 12 hours before I even realise. On this occision, drinking water was more pleasant than the date!


Day 28:  

I feel like this challenge has been so hard due to the sunshine, the last thing I want to do is go to the gym and workout. So I have been doing a lot of workouts outdoors or just walking because there is no way I want to miss the British summer. So last Friday after work I decided to just walk until I had enough, I managed an impressive 6 miles, walking has not only been improving my fitness but actually improving my mental health, with being so busy lately I find it really hard to switch off or just have time alone with my thoughts, walking allows me to do both. The only thing I don’t like about walking is it takes that little bit longer!


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