FITNESS 30 – DAYS 17-22

“Exercise is really important to me – it’s therapeutic. So if I’m ever feeling tense or stressed or like I’m about to have a meltdown, I’ll put on my iPod and head to the gym or out on a bike ride along Lake Michigan with the girls.” Michelle Obama

Ok, so this challenge is so much much harder than I could have ever have imagined, who knew I hated exercise so much now?! If you are wondering “what challenge is she going on about” then you can catch up here.   


Day 17: 

I have a lot less time now then I did at the start of the challenge and have found that exercise really has to fit around my work. Which usually means a workout in my garden, and while the weather is lovely I am taking full advantage of that fact! My absolute favourite workout when I am stuck for time is the Body Coaches HIIT workouts on Youtube. There are even 20-minute workouts if you are really stuck for time, and honestly, 20 minutes of HIIT works much better for me then an hour on a treadmill, and thank god. I would love to have the time for a whole hour on the treadmill. Although my neighbours must think it’s hilarious watching me, I am far from graceful.


Day 18:

I have a real love/hate relationship with running, once I’m in the zone I can run forever. Its just it takes a lot to get me in the zone. But this challenge was just about small steps every day, on day 18 I only managed a 20-minute run, which is still better than being sat on the sofa so I am choosing to focus on that rather than the short amount of time that I ran.


Day 19:

My work life has changed a lot since starting this challenge, living me a little unsure when I will finish work. This has caused me to miss a lot of classes, I literally missed the class this evening by 40 minutes, I wasn’t even close. Instead of just going home I decided I would just go to the gym and work on arms and back. Lucky over the years I have spent a lot of time in gyms and classes so I am pretty lucky that I already have a few go-to workouts, although the amount of weight I can handle has dropped a lot! I worked out for 40 minutes before the heat was too much for me, I miss working out at 6am. I am currently considering looking for a gym in Manchester so I can workout before work, by the time I have driven home it’s a real struggle to get motivated to workout.

Day 20 & 21:

Day 20 and 21 I literally did nothing, between the 48 hours I was surviving on only 7 hours of sleep. As you can imagine I was a lot of a mess. However the whole point of this challenge was to see if I could fit fitness into my life, the only goal I had was to try and live a healthier lifestyle. I didn’t focus on weight I focused on health. Whereas in the past I would have punished myself for not doing anything, I have learnt to accept that actually, it is ok, it is ok to rest when ended. The key is just not to give up. Which I am not about to do! On the evening of day 21, I collapsed into bed and got some much-needed sleep.


Day 22:

Aware that I hadn’t done anything in the last 2 days I decided to throw myself back into it with a 90-minute yoga session. Anyone who doesn’t think yoga is a workout has never done yoga, 90 minutes is an absolute killer physical especially with this hot weather.


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