“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.”

—Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty

Today marks the end of my 30 days of fitness challenge, I promise I will catch up on all those blog posts in the week! Life has been a bit crazy lately! But I thought today would be a good day to let you know about my next challenge and this might be my favourite one yet!

On Wednesday 13th June I will be starting 80 days of summer which takes me right up to 31st August. 13th June would have been my grans birthday and she was my biggest fan and my biggest source of inspiration so I couldn’t think of a better day to start this challenge. 80 days of summer is by far the biggest challenge I have ever done and one I am seriously looking forward to it! For 80 days I am going to make sure I do something every single day that makes the most of summer, some things will be new some won’t. This challenge is to show that life is really made for living, no excuses, no wasting days! Just happiness every single day!


Some days it might just be something small like a walk in the park, other things will be bigger like a holiday or weekends away. The point is no matter your budget you can make the most of your summer. The house chores can wait for another hour, you can record your favourite tv show, what you can’t get back is this time again. I learnt so much about myself during my 40 new things in 40 days that I am super excited about this! Please if you want to see me do something, have a spare bedroom for a weekend or are doing something amazing this summer then drop me a message. I want as many of you as possible to join in with this, I want to see your pictures of you having the best summer ever. Use #80daysofsummer in your posts and pictures, together lets have a summer we will never forget. I promise you if you just do a tiny little thing every day for 80 days that will add up to an incredible amount of time being happy!

I will be sharing my adventures all over my social media and blog, hopefully, I will get to share yours too, so please don’t forget to tag me in your posts and use #80daysofsummer

So you have 2 days to think of the first thing you are going to do! Happy summer my loves!



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