1. Do more of the things you love

The more you spend your time doing things that make your soul happy the less time you will have to think about your relationship status. In a time when women can really do and say what they think why bother with whether or not a boy can make you happy. Thankfully you are a whole person all on your own. So fill your life with the things that you love and do the things that set your soul on fire. I realise I have a very wide range of interests but they all make me happy, instead of us turning ourselves down to the guy why don’t they tone themselves up a bit.


And there’s nothing more attractive than a woman who is passionate, independent, and in love with her life. 


2. Stop caring about the ones who don’t deserve your attention

If you have a guy you sometimes text late at night when you’re feeling lonely – get rid of him pronto. Yes, casual hook-ups might be liberating, but that guy is only preventing you from meeting your guy. Get comfortable being completely single, and you’ll signal to others that you’re actually ready to meet someone. While you are giving your time and energy to the guy that doesn’t really want you, just uses you then you are stopping yourself from meeting the guy that texts you all the time and shows you he wants more than a casual fling. 



3. Quit explaining your singleness to people

Half of the battle with being single is that your family likes to remind you how single you are and why that’s a terrible thing. This is the year when you tell your mother, your sister, or your granny to stop asking you about your dating life because it does nothing apart from making you feel sad and unworthy. The persistent nudging from your family will never make it easier to find love. I have been the single relative/friend at a lot of events and the only thing people want to talk about with me is when I’m going to find a nice boy and settle down. I’m sorry but I am a complete person all on my own, sometimes I like to fuck with them and tell them I plan on staying single forever and working on my career. To which my grandparents have always been the most supportive of, they would remind me that I am special and I don’t need anyone else to be happy. On the other hand, my dad thinks I am broken!


4. Practice self-love


You can’t rely on anyone else to make you happy – you need to be happy alone first. 

Don’t ever base your worth on what men think of you or if you’ve got a man or not. You determine your worth, and you are a woman who is worthy and deserving of an amazing relationship. When the time is right, it will find you until then love the hell out of yourself. Take yourself on dates and treat yourself better than anyone else could ever love yourself. Remember you teach others how to love you so make sure you are setting a good example. 

5. Be open and fearless when it comes to love

If you’re looking for a real kind of love, you have to be willing to put your heart on the line and be open and honest with your feelings. Sometimes you might get hurt, but if you don’t allow yourself to be vulnerable, you might miss out on something incredible. After a breakup or being hurt it is so easy to close yourself off or swear off love forever, but the honest truth is that nothing really beats that feeling of being in love and I realise that is one of those things you are never meant to say out loud but it true. I am excited to fall in love again, no two loves are ever the same but the feeling is the same and I am a bit addicted to love. 


6. Embrace your single sisters

Stalking your married friends on Facebook, or hanging out with your coupled-up friends and their kids is only going to remind you more of what you don’t have. Commit to spending more time with your single friends, or making new friends with people who are single. You won’t feel in such a rush to settle down, and you’ll have way more opportunities to get out there and mingle. I highly recommend getting your butt on Bumble BFF I have met some amazing single women and as much as I love my loved up friends, I still need friends who celebrate that I am single and don’t feel bad for me! We go for drinks at the weekend, swap god awful dating stories and we tell each other how fabulous our single arses are! But the thing I love about being single is the time I was putting into a relationship now goes into making new friends and we all know friends last longer #sorrynotsorry.

 7. ENJOY being single!

If you focus too much on finding a romantic relationship, you’re only going to miss out on the joys of being single. Remember, once you find your person, that’s it. So embrace the total freedom you have right now! Do all the things you ever wanted to do, enjoy your time alone because once you find the one then that’s forever and you will never be single again, so enjoy it like it might be gone tomorrow because you never know, it might be!


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