These two simple words will either mean nothing to you or everything. Moving on, in theory, sounds pretty simple but we are humans and nothing is really simple. If you are going through a heartbreak right now you probably feel like you will never move on, like you have lost a limb.

The thought of having to let go and move on may even be causing you physical pain, after all up until recently you never imagined a life without this person in it. For most, the person just simply disappears and you are forced to start moving on for others they hang around tugging on your heartstrings, either way, the one thing that is for sure is that you will have to move on and that is so hard.

Moving on is not just about changing your hair colour or cutting your hair. It’s not just about buying new clothes and going shopping with your friends. It’s not about losing weight or trying to make him see what he is missing although I really wish it was! And these are all something we do and it is the start of the process all of a sudden we feel lost and we don’t know who we are anymore without that person so we try and reinvent ourselves sometimes for us other times to try and win them back, none of that ever works. 

Moving on is not just deleting your ex from social media and blocking his number and then stalking him from incognito mode. It’s not posting happy pictures of you all around your social media so he sees that you don’t care about him anymore. I have blocked and unblocked Alex a good 9 nines since we have broken up, the fact that I still care drives me insane but also makes me very aware that there is something there I am still holding onto.

Moving on is not about “bumping into him”.  It’s not hating him and holding grudges, it’s not about continuing fights with him. It’s not having some guy to keep you company and to make your ex-jealous. It’s not about not giving an actual chance to anyone just because you compare them to the man who has hurt you.

Moving on is a process. It is a final destination and it is a decision. Moving on is forgiving him for everything he has done to you and for all the pain he has caused you. Moving on is accepting the apologies you never got. It’s about accepting that some things are over. And that they were not meant to be, no matter how much you wanted for them to be.

It’s about accepting all that has happened to you as a part of life. It’s about accepting it as a part of your experience and as a lesson you simply had to go through. It’s about embracing your single life until you are fully ready to let someone new in.

And most of all, moving on is loving and respecting yourself. It’s about knowing you are worth more and unfortunately you won’t really know you have moved on it will just happen, the person who caused you all that pain will never enter your head again or at least not for a good few years. When they do you will smile and think about what a blessing it turned into not having them in your life. But for the moment, while you go through what you need to go through you, will never imagine the day where you don’t wake up hoping the tried contacting you or feeling sad when your song comes on. But believe with all your heart that one day you will simply move on and you will be ok.


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