FITNESS 30 – DAYS 9-12

FITNESS 30 – DAYS 9-12

“Fitness starts at home. What you eat is what you will look, just as what you sow is what you reap. Eat good food: eat fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, and don’t go for sweet and trite food.” Rakul Preet Singh

Ok, so this challenge is so much much harder than I could have ever have imagined, who knew I hated exercise so much now?! If you are wondering “what challenge is she going on about” then you can catch up here.


Day 9: Hit in the Garden

My week had to change so quickly, work had been insane and I had to cancel all my classes, I wasn’t getting home until the gym had closed so trying to fit fitness into my day and enjoy these lovely warm evenings I did a HIIT session in my garden, so easy all you need is a pair of trainers and youtube. There are literally thousands of free workout videos on Youtube so there is no excuse. There are even 10 minute core workouts, now you can’t say you can’t fit 10 mins in! It is a little harder to stay motivated when not in a class, I would have worked harder in a class however it is still 30 mins of exercise I wouldn’t have done so still counts.


Day 10: Walking stress off!

No amount of exercise was going to shake day 10 mood so I took myself off for a walk so I could be on my own. I had missed my yoga class and wasn’t in the mood for the gym. A walk will always sort my head out, by the end I usually can’t even remember why I was so bent out of shape in the first place. Plus when I walk in a bad mood it’s more of a stomp and I burn lots more calories so another win win for me and fitness.


Day 11: Yoga in the garden

Another late night and another night in my garden with Youtube. This time since I had to cancel a week of yoga I decided to do a yoga class, my neighbours must think I have lost it now! But as always the point is I have managed to fit some kind of fitness in!


Day 12: Kettlecise

The only class I managed to get to all week and believe me it was the last thing in the whole world I actually wanted to do but I manged the full 45 mins, it’s been a long time since I have done kettlecise and actually thought I was going to die half way through. It has amazed me just how much I can do, I think it is really easy to just say I will get back into fitness slowly when actually you can go back to get a lot quicker and harder.

These last few days have been the hardest, work has been insane! I actually had classes booked all week and had to cancel all of them because at the moment I have no way of knowing when I will actually finish work so it’s been a little challenging. But I am committed to finishing the 30 days although not sure if it will kill me off or not. I have been utterly amazed at how much I have managed despite just wanting to collapse daily, once my 30 days is over there will be absolutely no excuses for not taking my fitness more seriously.


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