“The true secret of happiness lies in the taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” William Morris


I had to share this from The Yay Makers website because honestly, it’s such a lovely story and because they have a real passion and that needs to be shared and shared a lot! When I received my first box I felt that they really cared about my happiness and that it wasn’t some big company just throwing boxes out to make money. But rather a small business that needs us all to have a little more happiness in our lives.

Who are The YAY Makers?

“The concept of The YAY Makers came from a love of everything handmade, over the past 6 years myself and Stuart created a craft and vintage market in Aberdeen (The March Hare Market) where we strived to deliver an event that showcased the talent within the North East of Scotland and gave people a “home” where they could visit each month and shop for quality products.

Over those years we learnt a lot, met some fantastically talented people, and made some really great friends. The time came when we had to end our market and upsticks to move to the bright lights of Edinburgh.

Over the next few years I began a new career, had a baby, and myself and Stuart got married. With all of that going on we seemed to lose our momentum for all things handmade, which for me was a real shame. it wasn’t until I became a stay at home mum that the fire started to ignite again and I started to toy with the idea of progressing what we had started in Aberdeen – but in an all new way that could mean I could still be mum!

So this is where we are today – the wonderful things we learnt from our market event days has taken us back down the path of all things handmade, but with a wonderfully new spin – and we are all too excited to be sharing it with you all.”


Each month the box features a featured artist of which the first was Clarice Tuder, you can find her on Instagram. She created the hope pin in this months box, which I have already put on my denim jacket ready to show off to the world.


So what else did I get:

The positive page created a beautiful “never give up” pin.

Lydia Meiying created the Jungle Notepad.

Positivitea added some tea for “tea and talk, take a moment”.

Partridge and Bell created a Take Happy Notes Pencil.

Be You canvas bag.

Be Happy postcard.

Not to forget that the box actually fits through your letterbox so there is no reason to queue at the post office to actually get your little box of happiness. I am totally made up with it, I have litrally used everything already. Normally with subscription boxes, I end up giving them away because there is never anything actually useful in them. But looks like The Yay Makers have it spot on! The first evening I got it, I made myself the tea and curled up in my armchair and used the notepad and pencil to write a list of all the little things that make me happy. I figure on days when I am struggling I can go back to the list and remind myself of all the things I have to be thankful for.


By now we all know there is absolutely no way that I would ever write about something that I am not totally in love with, mainly because I love you all for reading my blog and I don’t want you wasting your money on something I didn’t believe in. But guys I 100% believe in this box and its creators, I am in love and so will you be. I have already written a little blog post on their blog, which you can read here.

Whether you need a little more happiness in your life or you know someone that does then this box delivers!


Order your very own little piece here. And receive your very own little bit of happiness every month. To get 10% off your first box add yay06 at the checkout, there is another reason to be happy 🙂

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