I literally had so much fun completely 40 new things in 40 days that I wanted to set myself a new challenge and have something new to focus on. The 40 days challenge was just what I needed to start mending my broken heart now I want to get my pre-relationship body back. We all have that bit of weight we put on while dating all those meals out and nights on the sofa eating crap, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this but for me its time it went away. I am a strong believer that a healthy body encourages a healthy mind and fitness is just as important to your physical health as it is to your mental health. And just like that 30 days of fitness was born!


So for the next 30 days, I will be doing something every single day that will bring me one step closer to my fitness goal. Whether that is exercise, meal prepping or just stretching, each day is going to have something fitness related in. The last challenge taught me that I can fit a lot more into my life than I actually thought so the fact that I am not exercising daily is actually just a really poor excuse because clearly, I have lots of time to kill. Also since I am now fully committed to staying single I want something to focus on and what better thing to put all my energy into than looking after myself. I am not setting a goal I merely just want to add fitness to my list of priorities I already know by doing so my body will naturally change. I am not going to obsess about numbers or losing weight. Instead, I am going to concentrate on being the strongest, healthiest version of myself I can be.

Plus I discovered so many new things during my 40 days that I would love to continue like hot yoga, trampolining and climbing so this is the perfect challenge to really get into some new hobbies. I am hoping by the end of the 30 days it all just becomes habit and I no longer will need to force myself to exercise or eat better. Because I am not even going to lie my eating habits have become bloody shocking, I am eating at least 7 meals a week from fast food places. So fingers crossed I don’t die because I have become so unfit and unhealthy and let’s hope to see some positive changes including a more body positive attitude towards myself.

Wish me luck!!!


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