When Anna, one of my Bumble BFF suggested meeting at the cat cafe in Manchester I knew she was a keeper, the woman already knows my soul! I am not going to lie I had super high hopes for a cafe filled with cats. I was kinda hoping I would walk in and they would just all come dashing towards me (I realise how crazy cat lady that sounds, don’t judge!). Unfortunately, that’s not how it went, if anything all the cats kept running away from me. Apparently, even cats know that I am needy and decided they weren’t going to stand for it, well you can’t win them all.


I am not sure what I thought a cat cafe would actually be like inside but its safe to say I was actually surprised and even happier when I found out that they mentioned the number of people that were allowed in at a time. Although I still have mixed emotions about having to leave my shoes in a locker. The cafe is actually rather large and with the controlled number of people it was really a lovely place for a afternoon catch up.


The fact I was now barefoot was made slightly better by the fact that their cake was delicious and we all know that cake can win my heart back in a second. I would say that it was some of the best cake I have had in a while and I have had a lot. Let’s talk prices, we booked online and it cost £12 each for an hour which included all drinks, you can stay longer once inside. Once the hour is over you just need to start paying for drinks and during the whole stay, you have to pay for food of which there is only really cakes. So prices are pretty expensive really, that first hour cost us £24 for two teas each, it is really important to remember the cost covers looking after the cats of which I think there was 12.


There are also very strict rules when it comes to the cats to which are explained to you before entering, we didn’t mind as we both love cats. Beware though some people ignore the rules which wasn’t very nice to watch as they are there to protect the cats but the staff are pretty quick and stopping it. But you should know that the cats may sleep during your whole visit plus there are hidden places they can go to whenever they want so you may have no interaction with them at all. I would say during the two-hour trip we only had about ten minutes of interaction with the cats.


There is absolutely no way I could go to a cat cafe and not try to get a cat selfie! Don’t judge me looks like the cat is judging enough for everyone!


This little beauty was having none of it, in fact, she walked around like she was in a human cafe.


I had such a lovely afternoon and it was really nice to have a big catch up with Anna, this had been the second time we had met and I feel like I’ve known her for years and years. The whole afternoon felt like a catch up between old friends which was actually really nice. We have already booked a third catch up and she is already encouraging me to move to Manchester. For the first time in my life, I am starting to feel really comfortable with being single and actually feel like I want to spend the next year being single to look after myself. I have more or less been in relationships since I was 14 without a real break so maybe everything does happen for a reason and now I can concentrate on creating some strong female friendships. But on the other hand, I won’t be ruling anything out because you don’t know whats around the corner.


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