I am now eight weeks post break up and you know what, I am doing ok! We all know by now that I never lie to you and am an open book because I never want to make my life look false, fake internet lives make people feel bad about their own lives. Which is not cool, sure I could only write about the positive but then I don’t want anyone to think that’s how they should be. No matter who you are, how much money, how many friends you have, people have problems. All people have some kind of problems that is just life!

So eight weeks later, which is more like five weeks because of the Amsterdam trip and I am doing ok, not great but very positive. There are still days when I cry usually on days when I am missing him or hear a song that reminds me of him. There are still days where I reply to his texts but all this is getting less and less and I know with time in the future I will just wake up and not miss him anymore. Luckily we live an hour away so there is no chance of bumping into him or seeing him on a night out which makes me more comfortable. When we broke up he wanted to remain, friends which I knew I couldn’t do with him, it would be too painful and upset my inner peace so trying to go cold turkey seems alien to me but a 100% the right decision in this situation, especially for now.

This blog post was more to let others know its ok to still miss them, I know how much I have been talking about being happy with my 40 new things in 40 days. I am really happy because I was always happy within myself. But my heart still hurts and is in no way mended yet but at the same time I know it will heal, the break will disappear and I will move on. But I also know while I am healing I need to take care of myself physically and mentally, I am not about to jump into another relationship and not sure I am ready to start dating yet but I know I will be soon.

If you are going through this right now then you are probably getting sick of everyone telling you “you could do better” “you are better off without them” etc etc and the truth is you probably are better without them and could do better now. Your brain is probably telling you this daily however it takes a little longer for your heart to catch up which I don’t think is a bad thing, because if your heart is broken then it means you gave love a chance, I think these days its so hard to really love another person, to put full trust in another person. Or even find someone you could see a future with. So try not to focus on the end but rather on the start of your next big love adventure, do not close yourself off because despite the pain now the reward is definitely worth it.

When I decide to start dating again, you will be the first to know! Especially about the dating horror stories. Sorry about this blog post it seems a little all over the place but I am sure you get it.


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