A much more upbeat post about Amsterdam today, well at least till you get to the end, then it just gets sad. Wanting to see as much of Amsterdam as possible, I spent most of the second day in what I guess would be called the cultural or museum sector and in my opinion the prettiest part of Amsterdam with its mix of old and new architecture. Its open space and lots of greenery makes it the perfect place to just spend a day hanging out.



Can we talk about this coat for a minute, how cute is it?! And only £32 from Sainsburys, I bloody love it and it is so warm. That’s it, I just bloody love a bargain!


I couldn’t go all the way too Amsterdam without taking a picture or two of the I Amsterdam sign, to be fair I totally forgot all about it and almost walked straight into it before I even remembered about it, did I mention it was a very emotional week and nearly all my plans went out the freaking window!




I really loved the Van Gough museum but kept being told off for taking pictures, do they not know that photography is a form of art! This was also the only museum on my list of must sees whilst in Amsterdam and it did not disappoint. The best thing about galleries is you can switch off and just immerse yourself in another world, which was just what the doctor ordered.




How beautiful is the green space, I can already imagine the thousands of people picnicing here during the warmer months. What I loved about this area was how much the old and the new sat beside each other perfectly balanced. I curled up with a hot chocolate on a bench and watched the world go by and soaked up some much needed winter sun, as I’m getting older I have started obsessing over getting enough vitamin D.




One of my favourite things about Amsterdam is that you couldn’t turn a corner in the city without seeing a postcard view. Like seriously not a single corner, I do feel super blessed that the sky was so blue, it was near impossible to take a bad picture of the city.



I felt like Amsterdam was trying to tell me something, literally everywhere I turned was little signs. If only my entire life was filled with little signs, even better if I got them just before I was about to make a massive mistake. That would be perfect! Like “Emma you are going to regret that in the morning!” Probs still ignore them!


Amsterdam was definitely at its prettiest at sunset, as the sun started to set the orange glows would reflect off the canals onto the buildings bathing the city in a beautiful golden light.


We did manage to have a couple of evening out together, you don’t know how strong you are until you have to sit opposite your ex pretending that you are ok. It is was even harder for me as I don’t tend to have a filter on when it comes to saying what is on my mind. But somehow I managed it and for better or worse I acted like I was doing just fine!


Note to self, mulled wine and pretending to be ok in front of your ex is never going to end well. Ok so it didn’t end badly just ended in an emotional head fuck! I know I’m not meant to say this out loud but I still miss him like crazy! We both wrote on a beer mat for the world to see how we were feeling, luckily other peoples were more cheerful than ours.



Sorry for the blurred picture, but thought I would share with you the face of a woman that is holding her shit together! It was just held together but together none the less! Still winning at life!


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